Is Chicory Edible?

chicory plant cichorium intybus

Cichorium intybus or common chicory is a member of the Asteraceae (daisy) family. It’s a perennial herb that typically has blue flowers – rare instances of chicory plants have white or pink flowers. The common chicory is native to Europe and the Mediterranean, and was introduced to the USA sometime in the 19th Century. There … Read more

Are Hazelnuts Edible?

hazelnuts and cracker

Hazelnuts are the fruits of the Hazel tree and are found in the more temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere. They’re quite popular in the UK and in other parts of the world as flavorants for desserts and chocolates. A question many younger kids may have when foraging or hiking through nature is… are these … Read more

Can You Eat Purslane?

Hiking, camping, and orienteering were a huge part of my childhood. I was camping at least two or three times a month and on hiking trails almost every weekend. These hiking trips took me through many different game reserves, and it was great! I could watch a herd of wildebeest (water buffalo) – from a … Read more

51 Pear Recipes for Smoothies and Desserts

Pears have been used as culinary treats for years, and the sugary flavor ensures that’s not going to change anytime soon. The soft texture can be quite pleasant, and the flavor makes it great for smoothies and desserts. With that in mind, I thought we’d look at 51 recipes for pear desserts and smoothies. Desserts … Read more

48 Adorable DIY Toys You Can Make Today

waldorf dolls

Toys… tools that can keep your child distracted for hours at a time. Every store you visit nowadays has a toy aisle and most of them are a treasure trove of childish distractions. Unfortunately, as the years have gone on, toys have become more advanced and, as a result, more expensive. This price increase can … Read more

How Long Does Beef Jerky Last?

thinly sliced beef jerky

Beef jerky is a popular, tasty treat that’s perfect for anywhere and everywhere. Depending on whether you buy it at your local butcher or make it yourself, you want it to last. So, here’s the question: how long does beef jerky last? Store-bought beef jerky will last anywhere between 9 months and 2 years if … Read more

15 Plants that are Natural Sweeteners

stevia plants in the garden

I’m sure we all enjoy a nice, sugary drink every now and then; maybe you like to put loads of sugar in your tea or coffee. Maybe you eat a lot of sugary foods/sweets. Whatever the case, it’s clear that humans have developed quite the sweet tooth since we first started using sweeteners/sugars in our … Read more

27 Safe and Delicious Duck Treats

four Pekin ducks

As a child, I used to love feeding the ducks at the park. We would toss them slugs and earthworms and watch in delight as they chased their snacks around the lake. Of course, we also fed those ducks a great deal of snacks we had in our bags – things like bread, crackers, and … Read more

Is Raw Milk Good or Bad?

pouring milk into jars

Usually, when we think of milk, we think of supermarkets, plastic bottles, or cardboard cartons. We also typically think of pasteurized milk, not the raw, unpasteurized milk that comes straight from the cow. This begs the question: is it good for you? No, raw milk is not good for you. While it does have a … Read more

Can You Eat Canned Food without Cooking It?

canned tomatoes

Canned foods are a staple in my household. We eat a can of sweetcorn or baked beans often. They’re quick, convenient, easy to make; you can’t really go wrong with them. With that said, sometimes you don’t feel like standing in front of the stove and cooking so here’s the question: Can you eat canned … Read more