This question always makes me smile.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked how I have the energy to keep going like I do. Everyone wants to know my secret!

I guess it’s funny to me because I always wish I could do more! There are so many days when nightfall comes all too quickly and I feel like I’ve accomplished NOTHING. Probably because there are so many things I must do before I can get to any other projects I’d really like to get done!

I’ve been thinking about how to answer this question, and I’ve pretty much boiled it down to three main catalysts which seem to help me make the most I can of each day.

Maybe this will help somebody.

Ditching the Tube– Getting rid of the television in our home no doubt forced me to get up off my bum during nap time, and get busy doing something productive. Yeah, I mourned for Dr. Phil for a week or two, but then it was like, “What the heck did I see in that trash anyways?!”

If you feel like you just aren’t getting enough done in the day, or that you aren’t achieving your highest homemaking potential… GET RID OF YOUR T.V.

As in, SELL IT. Give it away. Get it out of your home completely! Or at least cancel your dish network, cable, Netflix… whatever… and only keep it for an occasional movie treat.

I promise. After you’ve completely detoxed, you’ll thank me! You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of quality time together as a family.

Limiting the Sweets– I have to be honest… I am a TOTAL sucker for sweet stuff. Sweet tea, cookies, cakes, brownies… anything smothered in chocolate, oh man, I’m ALL over it! Ask Jerry. If there’s a dessert in the house, he has about 2 minutes to not only claim his piece, but have it eaten as well, before it’s in my mouth.

For this very reason, I try not to bake too many desserts. I know very well that if I make them, I will be the one eating about 98.5% of it. Not that nobody else wants a piece. I simply have ZERO self control. Shameful. But so true.

I attempt to limit my sugar intake not only for the sake of keeping my girlish figure (uh-hem), but also because I’ve definitely noticed that on the days when I’ve snuck one too many cookies, my energy level plummets, and I’d much rather sit at the computer than be proactive in the home. Not good.

If sugary treats are all too much a part of your daily diet, consider cutting back. Personally, I love drinking OJ with my breakfast, but there’s a lot of sugar in juice. So instead, I’ve found a cup of hot green tea sweetened with a little honey acts as a nice pick-me-up first thing in the morning, and gets me off to a good start.

I *try* not to drink too much sweet tea or juice throughout the day (definitely NO SODA!), and stick to water. I also do my best to keep my grubby fingers out of the cookie jar until later in the evening. Saving your dessert-fix for after dinner is a great way to still get your sweetness without sacrificing a productive day.

Being Held Accountable– Truly, you guys keep me motivated. Yes, ultimately I do this for my family. But YOU, my faithful readers, hold me accountable. I am constantly trying new things and learning all I can because I am eager to share with you, hoping to help somebody along the way. And I know that if I am having trouble with something, you will be there to encourage me.

THAT keeps me going!

Whether it’s a blog, a close network of friends, or your spouse- you need somebody to hold you accountable for your actions. Somebody who will give just the push you need to get going, and gentle encouragement to keep you doing all you can as the woman you are meant to be.

If you are feeling down, like you just can’t get it all done… take heart! You are NOT alone. Please, take it from me, you cannot get everything done in one day. There will ALWAYS be more. Always. Your job as mom and wife are NEVER done. But I truly believe that applying these three suggestions to your life will dramatically change your productivity.

And I would encourage you, if you wanna feel like you are doing more than just getting by day-to-day, make it a goal to at least try ONE new thing a week.

One new recipe, one new skill, SOMETHING. If you’ve never baked a loaf of homemade bread… try it! If you’ve never made homemade mayonnaise… TRY IT!

Make it a goal to learn something that would benefit your whole household, and find somebody to hold you accountable to that goal.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with everything we need to do, and WANT to do. Simply make the most of each day. Do all you can do. Try not to waste a moment on something that won’t benefit your entire family. And whatever is leftover, save for tomorrow!