Growing Cilantro Step by Step


Cilantro is an herb that can be grown in containers or in the ground. It is an annual flowering plant that is part of the parsley family. It is said that you either love the flavor of cilantro or you hate it. Those that hate it say it tastes soapy, while those that love it … Read more

How to Grow Dill in Pots Step by Step

dill plant in pot next to seed packet

Dill is an herb that is known and used all over the world. When I hear the word dill, I automatically think of pickles. All parts of the plant are edible, but the leaves and seeds are generally used for flavoring food. Dill is grown annually by most gardeners, but is actually a biennial plant. … Read more

Growing Thyme Step by Step

thyme plants

Thyme is great. It’s an easy addition to the garden for several good reasons: Thyme is also a pretty little plant. Its delicate, beautiful little leaves and tiny lavender flowers add beauty to any container. It can be used as a fragrant ground cover, or to add visual interest to rock walls. Thyme is delicious! … Read more

Growing Chives Step by Step

young chive plants growing in the garden

A cheerful pot of chives is a welcome greeting to any home. They require very little space, making them a low-investment addition to any home or market garden. Growing chives is well worth the minimal effort. Chives are easy to grow and packed with nutrition. They don’t need a lot of care, and they come … Read more

How To Grow Basil From Cuttings

basil plants in the garden

I love shortcuts. Don’t you? Especially when they pertain to the garden! Who wants to wait over a month for a seedling to finally be big enough to transplant when you can have one in just a couple of weeks?!

Taking cuttings from plants and rooting them is a fantastic way to speed up the process of growing a new plant. Check out this easy way to propagate basil…