I couldn’t wait any longer to show you the progress we’re making on our greenhouse. I’m getting so excited!

It might not look like much right now, but I think it’ll look really nice when it’s all finished up. A coat of white paint, some lattice around the bottom, and a few plants here and there… it’ll be gorgeous.

So far, we have zero money in the project. That’s right, every bit of the materials have been salvaged! The floor of the greenhouse is made from shipping pallets, the windows are the old ones we took out of our fixer-upper house when we remodeled, plus some windows we salvaged from a friend’s father’s house remodel, and the walls are made from scrap lumber we had leftover from some of my husband’s old skateboard ramps. We had the 4×4 posts and some bags of concrete leftover from other projects… so yeah, we’re doing really good so far! We may have to buy a cap for the peak of the roof, we’ll see.

It’s on the south side of the house, so it’ll receive maximum sun exposure. We decided to build it up off the ground to accommodate the crawlspace underneath the house.

We’re totally just winging it. Although I have skimmed my books on how to build a greenhouse, we aren’t following any particular plans. I’m sure we’ll make mistakes, but we’ll deal with that as they come about I guess.

I’d love to put a gutter system on it, and have a downspout into the greenhouse to fill a rain barrel, which could then help water the plants inside. If we paint a plastic rain barrel black, it’ll absorb the sun’s heat and help to warm the greenhouse in the winter. We don’t have any other heating system planned as of right now.

We’re hoping to use the greenhouse to extend our growing season, and to start seedlings to transplant into the garden. And maybe, if we can get the humidity and temperature regulated just right, a few dwarf fruit trees like bananas, oranges, and lemons will be grown as well!!

Anyways, I just thought I’d share how it’s coming along! I can’t wait to fill it with plants!

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