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homemade greenhouse

I couldn’t wait any longer to show you the progress we’re making on our greenhouse. I’m getting so excited!

It might not look like much right now, but I think it’ll look really nice when it’s all finished up. A coat of white paint, some lattice around the bottom, and a few plants here and there… it’ll be gorgeous.

So far, we have zero money in the project. That’s right, every bit of the materials have been salvaged! The floor of the greenhouse is made from shipping pallets, the windows are the old ones we took out of our fixer-upper house when we remodeled, plus some windows we salvaged from a friend’s father’s house remodel, and the walls are made from scrap lumber we had leftover from some of my husband’s old skateboard ramps. We had the 4×4 posts and some bags of concrete leftover from other projects… so yeah, we’re doing really good so far! We may have to buy a cap for the peak of the roof, we’ll see.

It’s on the south side of the house, so it’ll receive maximum sun exposure. We decided to build it up off the ground to accommodate the crawlspace underneath the house.

We’re totally just winging it. Although I have skimmed my books on how to build a greenhouse, we aren’t following any particular plans. I’m sure we’ll make mistakes, but we’ll deal with that as they come about I guess.

I’d love to put a gutter system on it, and have a downspout into the greenhouse to fill a rain barrel, which could then help water the plants inside. If we paint a plastic rain barrel black, it’ll absorb the sun’s heat and help to warm the greenhouse in the winter. We don’t have any other heating system planned as of right now.

We’re hoping to use the greenhouse to extend our growing season, and to start seedlings to transplant into the garden. And maybe, if we can get the humidity and temperature regulated just right, a few dwarf fruit trees like bananas, oranges, and lemons will be grown as well!!

Anyways, I just thought I’d share how it’s coming along! I can’t wait to fill it with plants!

Click here to see the progress we’ve made on the greenhouse over the past two years!

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    • Clint,

      When we replaced all of the windows in our home we saved the old ones, plus a friend of ours saved the windows from his dad’s remodel project and let us take them off their hands as well. You can find them for free on Craigslist sometimes, so if you are looking, keep an eye out there. Also, put the word out that you’re looking for windows, you never know when a friend of a friend might have some!

  1. That is great! I cant wait to get started on my greenhouse. Your’s looks really good for ‘winging it’. And the thought of seedlings and more is so inspiring.

  2. She’s right, I like to look at plans to get ideas but I hate to follow someone else’s directions. It limits my creativity. Then you have the whole thing about when you’re using recycled material the length differences and other small problems that you might encounter in the process and have to compensate for. But she gave me some good tips while I was out there working this week which saved me a headache later on. I love you beautiful!

  3. It’s beautiful! You may have a ReStore in your area that sells reclaimed building mat’l to benefit Habitat For Humanity…. for the ‘stuff’ you don’t have, it’s alot cheaper than the store.

  4. AWESOME! I so want a greenhouse and am totally jealous 🙂 My husband and I have agreed that we need one…it’s just a matter of time, materials, a zillion other projects, etc. Good for you! Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!!

  5. Beautiful!!! That is very pretty I can’t wait to see pictures when its done and with plants growing in it. With your rain barrel being inside you may be able to get the good humidity too. Love it, now I am more anxious to get mine started 🙂

  6. I love the “we are just winging it” part. Winging it is my style however my wife would try to make me read 1000 books and have an architech draw up the plans. In her defence, the product usually ends up better than what I usually envisioned in my head.

    • LOL… I would prefer if my husband at least glance at a few plans before jumping in, but he hates following someone elses’ directions. Guess it’s a guy thing 😉 He spends hours drawing out very detailed plans of how he’s going to put it all together, and then changes his mind a dozen times throughout the process, and never ends up following the original plans afterall. And then I come along and “supervise” and make a few suggestions, and mess up his plans even more, lol. Hopefully it’ll all come together nicely in the end 🙂

  7. I LOVE it!! I so wish we could have a greenhouse. My husband is not a very good carpenter so I don’t know that it would turn out very good!! It would really benefit us though seeing as how we live in MN and have a short growing season!!

  8. I like it! We are planning on building one too, but we got as far as “lets build a green house”. Gardening is going to be tricky now that we are in a new place. The backyard is full of trees and I think most of the space is going to be shaded, unfortunately. I hope the neighbors dont mind seeing tomato plants in the front yard!

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