46 Uses for Sawdust on the Homestead


Grandma was very frugal and I recall one year asking grandma why she saved everything. She told me that everything should be repurposed on the homestead. Grandma had an entire shelf in the root cellar that was full of reusable containers and other things. One thing that grandma never threw away was sawdust. The fact … Read more

Is Homesteading Easy?

pulling out weeds

Homesteading, the very term evokes a picturesque landscaping with plenty of animals and green countryside. Many are fleeing the city in pursuit of happiness. In search of that idyllic dream where they can enjoy the country life with minimal effort. But, is homesteading easy? Or does it require a lot of hard work and dedication? … Read more

38 Uses for Borax in and Around Your Home


If you walk the laundry section in the grocery store, you’ll find borax in a plain-looking box with a wagon train on the front of the box. 20 Mule Team Borax is made in the United States starting in 1891, and borax deserves a place in your homestead cabinets. As homesteaders, we love versatile items. … Read more