So What Exactly Can You Store in a Root Cellar?

a root cellar

Root cellars might be old fashioned, but they still work wonderfully for storing food and other goods. This is because they maintain a generally constant, cool temperature and constant humidity level, both helping the gods kept in them to last longer than they would otherwise. This simple but highly effective method of preservation has been … Read more

29 Uses For Old Cooking Oil On the Homestead

Cooking oil is a pantry staple that has far more uses than just frying up some delicious fried chicken. Both the versatility and long-shelf life of cooking oil make it a fantastic multi-use item for preppers and frugal homesteading folks alike. Pouring cooking oil down the drain can cause clogging either quickly or over time. … Read more

How Long Does Heating Oil Last?

Well, it’s winter here in South Africa now and the temperatures are dropping to between 6 and 10 degrees Celsius on some days. You know what that means? It means warm clothes, tons of hot chocolate, and heaters are on – a lot! Now, last year we used halogen heaters; they’re relatively cheap and they … Read more

33 Homeschool Mistakes to Never-Ever Make

toys and books on bookshelves in homeschooling classroom

Are you new to your homeschooling journey and eager to start off on the right foot? Are you a seasoned homeschool parent who is always looking to improve your children’s education? Read on for a nearly exhaustive list of mistakes to avoid when homeschooling your children. I was homeschooled from birth until my high school … Read more