Homemade Deodorant with Cornstarch

In my latest quest to become less of a consumer, I’ve been searching for a good homemade deodorant recipe to try.

I think I’ve found a good one…

Deodorant with Cornstarch Recipe


  • 1 tbsp Corn Starch
  • 1 tbsp Baking Soda
  • 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 5-6 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 5-6 drops Lavender Oil


  • Mix all the ingredients together until they form a paste.
  • Rub into your skin with your fingers.

Recipe Review Written by My Sister

Since Kendra didn’t have all of the ingredients on hand (and I did), we decided that I should go ahead and try it out then give a review.

I have tried several natural brands from the health food stores, but they were never a raving success (according to my husband :)). So, I was excited to try again to see if perhaps this would work.

Let me say that, first of all, no homemade deodorant is going to measure up with Secret, Sure or whatever top brand is out there. It just won’t.

Those deodorants have chemicals that the natural D.O.’s don’t have and that’s why they work so well. If you want to say goodbye to the unwanted chemicals, then you have to make a compromise.

That being said, here is my humble review:

If you are used to a clean swipe in the underarm with a D.O. stick, this may be too messy for you.

The “mixture” is liquid-y so you have to scoop it out with your fingers and rub it. I didn’t mind (but I’m not all that picky when it comes to things like this) and just washed my hands afterward.

I loved the scent of the lavender and tea tree oils! If you aren’t used to aromatherapy or essential oils, the smell may need to grow on you.

Fortunately, I grew up around these because of my mom’s use of them, and have come to love the natural scents. They are by no means like the perfumy D.O. smells that we are used to.

The D.O. did not keep me from sweating (I didn’t completely expect it to), though, it did keep me dryer than I expected and even more so than the store-bought natural D.O.s did. So I was pleased with the result in that department 🙂

My overall opinion? I was very pleased with it. I’m planning on using it from now on, if that means anything.

I would like to make a note, however. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. So while this worked for me, it may not be as effective for you, and you may need to play around with the measurements a little.

So, there it is!

Do you have a favorite homemade deodorant recipe to share? Have you had any successes or failures with DIY deodorant? I’d love to hear your experiences, and other recipes you may have tried!

3 thoughts on “Homemade Deodorant with Cornstarch”

  1. I too am allergic to store bought deodorant. I started using a home made deodorant made with corn starch, baking soda, tea tree oil, and coconut oil. I like the way it works and my husband likes the way it smells. I guess this is what I’ll be using from now on.

  2. I am allergic to every commercially made brand of deoderant out there. I thought I would just have to live with smelly or red itchy pits. I discoverd that if I use plain old white alcohol once in the mornings I am smell free. It doesn’t do much for the actual sweat, but it kills the bacteria that makes the sweat stink. I also learned that a mixture of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 alcohol is handy to have around for inner ear infections like swimmer’s ear. Just put a few drops in the affected ear and let it stay there for a bit (best done at night). Then let it drain out. Thanks for your web site.


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