how to dry herbs

Can you believe all of this beautiful fresh parsley was headed for the garbage?! The grocery store was just going to toss it out. What is wrong with people?!

Thank goodness my friend rescued them from a trip to the landfill, and brought them to me instead.

Here’s how to dry herbs without a dehydrator to preserve them for future uses. I’m working with parsley, but you can hang dry any herbs that grow on a stem like this.

First, I picked out any slimy, bad stalks. Then I put them together in small bunches and used a twisty tie to secure them.

To keep the dust from settling on my drying herbs, I put each bunch into a paper bag with the open side of the bag facing down.

I poked a hole in the bottom of the bag, and fed the stalks through.

how to dry herbs

Next, I tied together two shoe laces and strung the herbs up over my bar to dry. It’s called improvising people. It’s not pretty. But it works! About two weeks later I got around to taking them down. Beautifully dry.

I stored them in a half gallon mason jar. I love the way dried foods look in glass containers! This outta last me a while. Be sure to label your jar with contents and date.

And to think, somebody was gonna throw them away. Sheesh!