If You’re Gonna Do Any Pickling, You’ll Wanna Grow Dill!


Here’s a quick tip for ya.

If you’re planning on doing any pickling, consider growing dill.

Many pickling recipes call for a ‘head of dill’, which is basically the flower/seed head of the plant. It’s nearly impossible to find fresh dill for sale in most grocery stores, and even many farmer’s markets won’t have any in stock. If you live in a rural area you might get lucky, but why go through the trouble of searching when dill is so easy to grow from seed?

The next time you plan on growing cucumbers in your garden (or anything you want to pickle, for that matter), set aside a little space for some dill plants.

Dill is an annual, so you’ll want to replant every year. Besides being great for pickling, you can also use the leaves and dried seeds of dill for seasonings, and in recipes such as Lemon-Dill Buttered Baby Carrots.

how to grow dill

How To Grow Dill From Seed

Dill can be started indoors in early spring, or direct sowed after all danger of frost has passed.

Cover the tiny seeds lightly with a fine layer of seed starting mix or compost. Keep moist until the seeds germinate, usually in 7-10 days when temps are at least 50*F.

Plant in full sun or partial shade. Thin the plants out to a spacing of 3-4″ apart.

Dill always seems to come to a head just as the cucumbers are starting to fill the vines. It’s as if they’re in perfect harmony. I love using my dill for Dilly Beans {Recipe} as well.

Do you grow your own fresh dill? What’s your favorite way to use it?

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  1. I love dill … it is always in my garden. I have some plants that I let grown up but also many that I use in salad just when the greens are up, fresh and yummy 🙂 ~nik~

  2. I have at least a dozen volunteer dill plants this year. I made the mistake of not harvesting a smallish sized seed head and it dropped it’s seeds (of course). Tilling the garden must have spread the seeds around, because they’re popping up everywhere. lol I love using fresh dill in the kitchen. Yours are looking great!


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