What Temp is Too Hot or Too Cold for Rabbits?

a rabbit eating a slice of carrot

Rabbits, somewhat surprisingly, actually have a pretty narrow temperature range where they are comfortable. It’s not uncommon to see them running around in the middle of the summer and even when it’s starting to get very cold out in late fall. Nonetheless, rabbits can suffer from hypothermia and hyperthermia alike. What temperatures are too hot … Read more

11 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

a deer eating a carrot slice

Deer are amazing and majestic animals, and they also make for good sport when hunting, but if I’ve learned anything these past few years is that they’re among the most destructive, persistent, and difficult-to-stop and garden pests there are. Worse, deer eat almost anything. Anything that you’re growing in your garden for eating (corn, veggies, … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Bananas?

a pig inside a muddy pigsty

Pigs are a study in contrast. The great thing about them is that they have such a varied diet they are easy to feed compared to other kinds of livestock that are strictly herbivores. Plus, it’s always in your best interest to feed pigs enough food so they grow big and grow quickly. Not difficult, … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Pasta?

chicken scratching in compost

Chickens are omnivores, and as such, they can eat a really varied diet. They eat bugs, a little bit of meat, various kinds of plant matter, chicken feed of course, and even some fruits and veggies. The latter two in particular make great healthy treats for chickens. But it rarely fails that most owners want … Read more

Why Are My Chickens Eating Their Eggs?

chicken flock using shoveled path to get through snow

For most of us, keeping a supply of fresh eggs going is the number one reason for owning chickens. It’s an exciting time when your girls start laying! Heading out in the morning to collect the bounty you work so hard for and- what’s this? An egg is broken! Worse than broken, it is mostly … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Carrots?

a pig eating a carrot

Pigs are omnivores, and among all of the common livestock animals, they certainly have the most wide-ranging diet. They eat meat, grains, dairy products, fruit, and of course vegetables. Vegetables actually play a pretty important role in the diet of most domestic pigs, but despite the big appetites they can’t eat quite every veggie there … Read more

How Bees Reproduce: A Full Guide

holding a super with honey and bees

If you’ve ever been up close with a beehive, assuming you weren’t running for your life, you’ve probably been as astounded as I was by the sheer number of bees inhabiting it. Thousands and thousands – countless – bees all working and living in harmony for the good of the hive. It’s absolutely amazing! But … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Watermelon?

a pig eating watermelon

Pigs need the right kind of diet if they’re going to grow quickly and stay healthy. But sometimes, it’s good to give your pigs a special treat. Something that will make them feel good, keep them happy, and give them a little bit of energy. And as you know already, they can eat all sorts … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Peaches? Is it Safe?

white rabbit eating a piece of pumpkin

It’s good for domestic rabbits to get a varied diet. Although the primary component in their diet is hay or grass, along with some leafy greenery, fruits, and vegetables play a part by giving them nutrients they wouldn’t get otherwise and also helping them to break out of menu fatigue. Bored rabbits can turn into … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Zucchini? Is it Safe?

The feeding habits of rabbits are funny when you stop to consider them. Domestic and wild rabbits alike have a fairly one-track diet, consisting mostly grass or hay with other leafy greenery in abundance. Anything else they might eat is almost incidental in nature. But, the funny part is that they will also eat pretty … Read more

Are My Ducks Going to Fly Away if Free-Ranged?

When it comes to giving your birds a high standard of living, one of the very best things you can do for them is free-ranging. Letting them explore, stretch their legs, and find choice bits of “real” food is always going to be good for them. But free-ranging comes with risks, namely the fact that … Read more

So, How Long Do Bumble Bees Live?

a bumble bee

Whenever the weather warms up and bees and other stinging insects start taking to wing, it’s only natural to wonder how long they’re going to be around. If they are flying all over your backyard, sometimes it can feel like they’re going to be there forever! But most insects don’t have long life spans. Let’s … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Potatoes? Is it Safe?

collage of rabbits eating various foods

It’s no secret that wild and domestic rabbits alike eat a diet that is primarily made up of greenery: grass in the wild, hay in captivity, and a mixture of leafy greens in both settings. But they also, occasionally, get other sorts of vegetables and plant matter in their diet though they don’t need much. … Read more

How Do Chickens Actually Mate?

hen and rooster sharing a tomato

If you know anybody who owns chickens, and particularly a mixed flock consisting of hens and roosters, you’ve probably heard them talk about the pairings that happen in the warmer season with mixed tones of amusement and dread. Of course, chickens mate to reproduce just like every other animal, but depending on who you ask … Read more

Can Rabbits Eat Spinach Is it Safe

collage of rabbits eating various foods

For the most part, the diet of a rabbit is concerned with leafy greenery in one form or another, be it grass hay, fresh grass, leafy vegetables or something like that. Yes, they can eat lots of other vegetables also, but these things are their mainstays. However, not all these plants are created equal when … Read more