Geese vs Goose: Which Is Plural?

two geese enjoying lettuce

English is my native language, and I find it entirely logical. But for every other non-native speaker on Earth, it is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Full of confusing and contradictory rules, and seemingly non-sensical words, it is baffling! But even if you have spoken English for your whole life there are … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Tomatoes?

a goose eating tomatoes

Geese, though not strict herbivores, subsist on a diet of mostly greenery with a few choice fruits and vegetables thrown in from time to time. But, the vegetables that they like they seem to really, really like as any gardener will attest if they have ever endured a flock of traveling geese making a pit … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Cabbage?

a goose eating cabbage

Geese are omnivores, technically speaking, though much of the time practically they live as herbivores with a diet that’s mostly composed of plant matter. Among their very favorite foods are grasses and leafy vegetables. And don’t take my word for it, you can ask any farmer or gardener who has enjoyed a flock of geese … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Raisins?

a goose eating dandelions

Geese are known to eat mostly greenery, particularly grass, but all sorts of other plant matter besides. But what some people don’t know is that geese also enjoy various fruits and veggies, though these tend to be a somewhat limited part of their diet. All you need to do is ask any long time goose … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Sunflower Seeds?

a seedless sunflower

Geese tend to eat a fairly varied diet in the wild, but one that is composed primarily of plant matter. They eat all kinds of grasses, nibble on shoots and leaves, and like most birds, they eat their fair share of seeds to go along with it. There’s one kind of seed in particular that … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Dandelions?

a goose eating dandelions

Out of all the different foods that geese might eat, certainly the most common and the one that they seem to prefer the most is just grass, and other small plants and flowers that grow alongside it. Whether they are by the lake or hanging out in your yard, geese seem to love nothing more … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Pumpkin?

goose eating sliced apples

Most folks know that geese live on a diet that is primarily vegetarian, and many goose keepers supplement the diet of their birds with produce. Most of their typical foods are grass, grains and other plant matter, although there is a selection of fruits and vegetables in there that they will eat when they have … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Spinach?

a goose eating cabbage

As most people know, geese are practically herbivores. They are not true, total herbivores because they do eat some things besides plants, but the vast majority of a goose’s diet is going to be plants, particularly leafy greenery. They also like lots of leafy green vegetables, particularly cabbage and lettuce. But what about other vegetables … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Chicken Feed?

Geese are mostly herbivores, though technically they are omnivores and can eat a variety of foods, it’s always plant matter that will make up most of their diet. That being said, geese that are kept domestically are often fed commercially produced feed like other animals. Considering that geese might be kept alongside chickens, you might … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Blueberries?

goose eating sliced apples

Geese eat a wide variety of things, being omnivores, but the majority of their nutrition comes from plant matter, typically grasses, grains, and other vegetation. But one thing you don’t hear discusses too often when it comes to the diet of geese is fruit. Why is that? Geese would almost certainly encounter various fruits out … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Fruit?

a goose eating diced waterlemon

Geese are known for eating a diet that consists mostly of plant matter, and though leafy greens and grasses are among their most favorite foods, and the staples in their diet, other plant products are okay for them. But how about something like fruit? It makes a certain amount of sense that geese would be … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Carrots?

a goose eating sliced carrots

If you know anything about geese, you’re probably aware that they’re mostly herbivores with a pretty varied diet, although they can eat some animal proteins and other things too. But concerning the plant matter that geese eat, one thing they might not get very much of in the wild are the vegetables that we often … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Apples?

goose eating sliced apples

Pretty much everyone knows that geese are mostly herbivorous, though not strict herbivores. Geese eat all kinds of plants, including grasses, but one food you don’t hear mentioned very much when talking about geese is fruit. That doesn’t make a lot of sense at first, because wouldn’t geese encounter fruit out in the wild? They … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Broccoli?

a geese eating broccoli

When it comes to the diet of geese, the rule is that the greener the item in question is, the better it is for geese and the more they will like it. Geese are not strictly herbivorous, but they’re pretty close, and they usually live on a diet of grass, foliage and of course vegetables … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Bread?

a goose eating bread

When you picture a quaint scene of geese paddling around serenely on the surface of a lake, or waddling along the shore, chances are you probably include people throwing bread crumbs to them. It’s a common pastime in every park and lake where geese are known to congregate. But bread is definitely a hotly contested … Read more