So, Why Do Geese Sometimes Stand on One Leg?

an angry Sebastopol goose

If you ever watched waterfowl closely out in the wild, you probably noticed that from time to time they stand on one leg. They certainly don’t seem to struggle with balance issues! And some birds that do this a lot are geese, both domestic and wild breeds. It’s interesting, even a little charming, but why … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Bananas?

a goose eating bread

Most people know that geese, while not strict herbivores, live on a diet that is predominantly plant matter. But what most people don’t know is that geese can actually eat fruit, including many of the same fruits that people eat. This can definitely make things simple if you own geese and want to give them … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Chocolate?

a goose eating dandelions

Geese tend to be herbivores out in the wild, living primarily on a diet of plant matter. This includes grass, their staple food, along with leaves, shoots, seeds and other things. It makes you wonder just what all plants are safe for geese to eat, or what parts of these plants. Now that I think … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Corn?

two geese eating some corn

When you consider that geese are primarily herbivores, you immediately think of all the various plants that they can eat, including vegetables. But the more you think about it, you start to realize that geese really wouldn’t have access to a lot of produce in the wild, at least not most of the time. And … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Dog Food?

two geese eating some corn

Whatever our animals prefer to eat, it rarely fails that they will take a nibble out of just about anything that is within reach, and especially if what is in reach is some other animal’s usual food! Geese are not exempt from this behavior, and it’s common to see them stealing a bite of chicken … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Cucumbers?

goose eating sliced apples

Pretty much everyone knows that geese eat a diet mainly composed of greenery: grass, of course, but also leaves and other foliage, and even a few veggies now and then. Though they don’t necessarily get many vegetables in the wild, geese can eat a wide variety of them, though not all. How about cucumbers? Can … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Nuts?

a goose eating dandelions

When we think of the usual diet of geese, we probably think greenery. And this is with good reason: geese do eat a diet that is predominantly green plant matter, grass, foliage, some leaves and things like that. However, geese can actually eat many of the other plant products that other birds eat, ones you … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Meat?

a goose eating bread

When you think about the diet of geese, not knowing any better you probably assume they eat nothing but plants. Grasses, maybe some lily pads and any other plants that grow in or near the water. You’d be pretty much right in that determination, but you might be surprised to learn that geese are, strictly … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Popcorn?

a goose eating dandelions

It rarely fails that whatever kind of animal people are responsible for keeping, it won’t take long before they want to give some of their own food to the animals in their charge. Maybe it’s out of curiosity; maybe it is out of a misguided desire to share. It’s a nice sentiment, but most of … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Rice?

a goose eating bread

Geese are mostly herbivorous. Though they can eat other things besides plants, grass and other plant matter makes up the majority of their diet, and indeed these are their favorite foods. Geese can also eat grains, including many cereal grains. As with most livestock, grains are a great source of energy for animals and they … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Celery?

Out of all the different foods that geese eat, with no question their favorite kind of foods are leafy green ones. Grass makes up the majority of their diet, along with various grains and other foliage. Basically if it’s a plant, and it’s green, geese want it, and this also includes a lot of different … Read more

12 White Geese Breeds: Just So You Know

a goose eating dandelions

When we think of farming poultry, it’s common to think of chickens and maybe ducks, but you might be surprised to learn that geese have actually been extremely popular as livestock for ages. Although they don’t lay as many eggs as chickens or ducks, they lay large ones and since these birds are so big … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat French Fries?

a goose eating bread

I don’t know what it is about people who own or keep animals, and that includes myself, but there’s always this strange temptation or urge to share our food with the animals in our care. Maybe it’s just some honest benevolence, maybe it’s a curiosity to see if our animal friends like the same things … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Strawberries?

a goose eating diced waterlemon

These are, strictly speaking, omnivores but practically they tend to be considered herbivores because they subsist almost entirely on a diet of plant matter. Geese eat all kinds of plants, from grasses and shrubs to flowers and more. Although not usually considered a typical food for geese, they also eat various kinds of fruit. They … Read more

Geese vs Goose: Which Is Plural?

two geese enjoying lettuce

English is my native language, and I find it entirely logical. But for every other non-native speaker on Earth, it is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Full of confusing and contradictory rules, and seemingly non-sensical words, it is baffling! But even if you have spoken English for your whole life there are … Read more

So, Can Geese Eat Tomatoes?

a goose eating tomatoes

Geese, though not strict herbivores, subsist on a diet of mostly greenery with a few choice fruits and vegetables thrown in from time to time. But, the vegetables that they like they seem to really, really like as any gardener will attest if they have ever endured a flock of traveling geese making a pit … Read more