Preparing for a Fall Permaculture Garden

cardboard mulching in the permaculture garden

Summer starting to turn into fall? What do we have to do, to get our permaculture garden ready for the winter? Your preparations have most to do with which ever climate zone you happen to be in. There are a few preparations that will be common to all zones, but the easiest way to break … Read more

Easy Urban Composting – And It’s Free!

finished compost squeezed in hand

Composting is an essential component to permaculture and gardening. It is also essential in striving for that goal of sustainability. Rather than throwing away the trimmings from your kitchen vegetables or the leaves and grass clippings in your yard, let’s turn it into a rich nutrient filled soil. We call this compost. What a great … Read more

The 3 Permaculture Ethics to Live By

discussing a new permaculture project

The word permaculture was created by one of the founding fathers, Bill Mollison. It is derived from the word permanent and the word agriculture. By combining permanence with agriculture we can create systems that are diverse, sustainable and resilient. Permaculture mustn’t only be viewed as a method of food production, but also be defined in … Read more

17 Ways to Save Money on the Permaculture Garden

transplanting a creeper to climb a tree to create a guild.

Uncertain times! These days have the entire world off balance and uncertain of the future. There is no better time than now to start saving money. Permaculture by definition is the very essence of saving money. Everything about permaculture speaks to sustainability and proper use of resources. It might take longer but it is possible … Read more

Permaculture, Government, and Urban Renewal

Paw Paw Guild

The word permaculture, derived from permanent agriculture by Bill Mollison, has not yet seemed to have found its way into the halls of local, regional or federal governments. Currently, the term used for any type of green urban renewal is referred to as agricultural regeneration, or urban agriculture. The terms are similar in the fact, … Read more

How Nitrogen-Fixing Works – And the Top 30 Plants

false acacia tree Robinia Psuedoacacia nitrogen fixer

Whether you practice permaculture, agriculture or traditional gardening, you will come across the words nitrogen fixing more than once. The practical application of using nitrogen fixers is universal. Whether you are a small traditional gardener or a sustainable permaculture operation, the same rules apply. A healthy garden or food forest is all about the levels, … Read more

Urban Permaculture – The Ultimate Guide

urban micro-intensive_farm_cucumbers tomatoes beans squash

Have the dream to become more sustainable? Here’s what you need to know to get you started even if you live in an urban area, and don’t have much land, by starting an urban permaculture garden. Permaculture, a method of gardening, originally began in Australia and was initiated by Bill Mollison and Dave Holmgren in … Read more