Free ranging is wonderful. It feels good to let the animals out into the fresh air. It makes them happy, and your feed bill is dramatically reduced. I am all for free ranging all of our animals. But there comes a point when free ranging is just pure craziness!!

mocha 007 (Medium)

This… this is okay. No harm done, right? (Well, as long as my mother-in-law doesn’t mind a goat on her truck!)

stuff 087 (Medium)

But remember this? Totally not okay! Get off the van! By the way, she climbs to the very top and naps up there too. Booger.

But it gets worse.

My front and back door are filthy from muddy hoof prints.

The beautiful wreath I had decorating my front door has become lunch to the goats on several occasions.

The chickens scratching in, and destroying the nice mound of mulch around my baby fruit trees.

The pig has decided that her favorite potty spot just so happens to be immediately beside my back door steps- our main entrance. Great. Not exactly an inviting aroma.

And then there’s the clothes line…


Not only does the puppy yank my clean clothes off the line and drag them into the dirt below… the pig also thinks it’s a fun game to jerk my pants down and shake them violently in her mouth while I chase her around the yard trying to retrieve the now filthy garment. Even the goats get in on the action, assuming that I’m simply hanging up a yummy treat for them nibble.

At times, it’s the picture of chaos.

Oh yeah, and try running to the car from a muddy pig on Sunday morning while wearing your best skirt and high heals. Fun, let me tell ya!

For heavens sake, if you’re gonna free range your animals, keep them fenced in their own area! Make life easier on yourself and designate an “animal free” zone. Just one more thing I wish we’d done before we got the animals!