I am so excited! I have begun to plan for my very first garden. After asking my homesteading friends a bunch of questions, and doing lots of reading online and in my books, I am ready to jump into the game and see how I do.

I still haven’t exactly planned out my garden layout. I’m a procrastinator like that. I guess I’ll plan it all out, and draw a layout of where everything will go before I do my planting. I did, however, decide on the sunniest spot in our yard for the plot. I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful gardening mother-in-law who has lots of gardening tools, including a tiller that my husband was able to borrow and use to till up my garden area.

Here are my before and after shots of my garden area:

This is my side yard, where I chose to plant my garden. I’m hoping the trees won’t shade it too much.

My cutie-pie husband working hard for me. He did all the tilling.

The area is about 30’x50′. I have no idea if that will be big enough, or if it will be too big for me as a beginner. We’ll see! With me being due in July, it might be hard to tend the garden during harvesting season, and deal with a newborn. But I’m going to try to do all that I can. I am so ready to start living more self-sufficiently, and this is step one on my list.

I finally got my seeds in the mail today too! I am so anxious to get them planted. I know it will be a little while longer until planting season though. As I’ve mentioned before, I ordered my seeds from Heirloom Acres Seeds. I chose them over other Heirloom seed dealers because they are a small Christian family owned business, and I really want to support their mission.

Since I’m new to this, I can’t give my opinion on their products yet, but my friend Hope has used them and has been happy with what she has ordered.

*UPDATE: Friends, I do not recommend Heirloom Acres Seeds. This company has had multiple complaints filed against it, and is rated an “F” by the BBB. I still have not received all of my seeds, nor a requested refund 12 months after ordering from them. I will never order from them again, nor would I recommend doing business with them. I am extremely disappointed.

I’m afraid I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I over zealously ordered every vegetable that I could think of that my family consumes! I scoured the internet for the “best” choices for each variety; the ones that people said were the best tasting of each. Here is what I ordered:

  • Carrots: Scarlet Nantes and Tendersweet
  • Cantaloupe: Hales Best Jumbo
  • Cabbage: Early Jersey Wakefield
  • Corn: Golden Bantam Yellow Sweet
  • Cucumber: Ashley (though they substituted with Marketmore) and Homemade Pickles
  • Lettuce: Paris White Cos Romaine
  • Onion: Walla Walla (though they ended up being out of stock)
  • Pumpkin: Small Sugar
  • Watermelon: Moon and Stars
  • Broccoli: Green Sprouting
  • Green Beans: Kentucky Blue Pole
  • Bell Pepper: California Wonder
  • Potatoes: Yukon Gold (plant to be shipped Spring)
  • Strawberries: Sparkle (plant to be shipped Spring)
  • Tomatoes: Amish Paste, Yellow Marble, Black of Tula, Cherokee Purple, Delicious, Brandywine Pink

Sooo, hopefully I can handle all of this. I am so ready to be able to walk out into the garden and pick food for our table! I’m going to have to figure out the best (meaning cheapest) way to keep the deer and rabbits out. We have tons of rabbits around here. Any suggestions?

Anyways, I’ll be journaling my newest endeavor, for all of you newbies like me. Hopefully I can give some encouragement and insight to some of you, and learn some great tips from others more experienced! If you have any good advice to share, or tips that you had to learn the hard way, I’d love to hear from you!!