DIY Natural Oven Cleaner Recipes

oven cleaner end result

Cleaning the oven and preventing the build up of bacteria causing old food absolutely does not require the use of caustic chemicals. The automatic cleaning features on many modern ovens can help prevent grime from forming in the oven to a decent degree, but just typically does not work well for a true (and natural) … Read more

DIY Natural Stain Remover

DIY Natural Stain Remover tools and ingredients

Removing stains, even tough ones, from your clothing can be accomplished naturally – avoiding exposing to your family to harsh chemicals unnecessarily. This powerful DIY natural stain remover takes only a few minutes and about $.50 to make. The cleaning agents we use in our home can be very bad for our health. As the … Read more

DIY Natural Bleach Alternative

diy natural bleach

Keeping your whites white and your home thoroughly disinfected requires the use of bleach, right? Wrong. Making natural bleach alternative is quick, easy, and a whole lot easier than buying that chemical laden stuff from the store. Homemade bleach can be used not just in the homesteading laundry room, but all around the house. Yes, … Read more

DIY Natural Kitchen Scrub (Scouring Powder)

kitchen scouring powder ingredients

Scouring the kitchen is not a fun job, but sometimes the messes around the homestead simply call out for that type of abrasive elbow-grease type of scrubbing. Just because your need a quality scouring powder you can depend on to clean up and disinfect life’s messes, that does not mean you have to allow chemicals … Read more

DIY Natural Disinfectant Wipes

natural disinfectant wipe

Keeping our homesteaders as germ-free as possible helps prevent illness from emerging and spreading. When there is a mess or raw meat and eggs residue in the kitchen, we sometimes feel that plain old soap and hot water just will not get the area disinfected enough. These DIY natural disinfectant wipes will not only remove … Read more

DIY Natural Fabric Softener

fabric softener ingredients

DIY natural fabric softener keeps your clothing, towels, and blankets both feeling soft and smelling fresh. Commercially manufactured fabric softeners, even some “organic” ones, are comprised of potentially harmful chemicals. Fabric softeners not only keep your clothing looking, smelling, and feeling their best, they also prevent static cling, and reduce soap residue. It is entirely … Read more

3 Best DIY Natural Wood Polish Recipes

natural wood polish ingredients

DIY natural wood polish will not only save you money, but also help keep your home looking great without the use of caustic chemicals. Most if not all of the ingredients needed to make these natural wood cleaner recipes are likely already sitting in a cabinet on your homestead. I have used just straight mineral … Read more

5 DIY All-Natural Drain Cleaner Recipes

drain cleaner recipes ingredients

Clogged drains happen to everyone, eventually. No matter how diligently you try to avoid grease, hair, or other common problem matter from gaining access to a sink or tub drain, they find their way in. Cleaning clogged drains does not require either the use of caustic chemical products, or calling a plumber. DIY natural drain … Read more

DIY Natural Disinfectant Spray – Easy Recipes

natural disinfectant_ingredients

DIY natural disinfectant sprays are not only at least as effective as chemically infused store bought sprays, they are simple and cheap to make. Once you start mixing together homemade household cleaners, you soon realize the multiple purpose nature many common ingredients possess. These natural disinfectant recipes were designed for use in the kitchen, but … Read more

How to Easily Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

clean cast iron skillet featured

While cast iron might seem out of place in today’s modern kitchens, it’s a homestead staple and a must have for any homestead cook. It’s relatively inexpensive and practically indestructible. You can cook nearly anything in cast iron that is properly seasoned, and it’s easy to care for once you understand how to properly care … Read more

76 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar in and Around the Homestead

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Many homesteaders swear by Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)  for a variety of uses. It’s ideal for health, skin care, dietary, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antibiotic and for animal care. It can clean a variety of products and it is an all-around must-have item on any homestead. What Is Apple Cider Vinegar? Apple Cider Vinegar, which is also … Read more