So, Can Geese Eat Bananas?

Most people know that geese, while not strict herbivores, live on a diet that is predominantly plant matter.

But what most people don’t know is that geese can actually eat fruit, including many of the same fruits that people eat.

a goose eating bread

This can definitely make things simple if you own geese and want to give them a sweet treat or just round out their diet with some wholesome produce.

How about the most popular of tropical fruits, the banana? Can geese eat bananas?

Yes, geese can eat bananas but they should only have them in limited amounts as a treat or occasional supplement. Though nutritious, bananas are moist and very sugary, two factors that can contribute to indigestion and other health problems in geese.

Bananas are definitely a wholesome snack for geese, and in my experience most geese seem to really enjoy eating these soft and sweet tropical treats.

However, it’s not a usual foodstuff for geese, and you should only give it to them in strict moderation if you want them to stay healthy.

But as long as you do that, there’s no reason your birds can’t enjoy a little bit now and then. I’ll tell you everything else you need to know in the rest of this article.

Do Bananas Have Health Benefits for Geese?

Yes, bananas definitely have some health benefits for geese. They’re a good source of energy for geese, and also a nice treat since most geese really seem to like them.

They’re also fairly healthy, with a good assortment of vitamins and minerals that can help geese stay strong and resist disease.

However, bananas are very sugary and moist, and together this can cause serious problems for geese if they are allowed to eat too many or get them too frequently.

But, as long as you give them bananas on a limited basis, it shouldn’t be a problem…

Nutrition Info for Bananas

Bananas are most loved for being a sweet, soft fruit that’s good by itself or as an ingredient in countless desserts, but they are also surprisingly nutritious. Not just for people, but also for geese!

They contain plenty of carbs that can give geese energy, though it is pretty much all sugar, and even have a little bit of protein.

But the most impressive attributes of bananas are the vitamin and mineral content.

Starting with the vitamins, we see that they contain tons of vitamin B6 and a good shot of vitamin C, but they also have most of the other B complex vitamins including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and folate.

The mineral content is also strong, with a great amount of manganese, potassium and magnesium backed up by much lesser amounts of zinc, iron, and phosphorus. Bananas also contain trace amounts of sodium.

Can Geese Eat Raw Bananas?

Yes, they sure can. Raw bananas are truly ideal for geese as they are soft and easy for them to eat while also containing the maximum nutritional values.

Can Geese Eat Banana Peels?

Yes, technically, but practically no. Banana peels are edible by geese if they are chopped up into smaller bites, but they don’t have much to offer in terms of nutrition and it’s not really worth the effort to feed them to your flock.

Also, most geese sure don’t seem to like them too much, though they might pick at them a little. Unless you are desperate to feed your geese, don’t worry with the peels.

Can Geese Eat Green, Unripe Bananas?

Yes, and surprisingly this is actually a good idea! Green, unripe bananas aren’t very appealing to you and me, but are still liked by geese, and more importantly, they have a few benefits that might make them the best choice for your flock.

Green bananas have less sugar than ripened ones, as well as higher amounts of healthy antioxidants that degrade as the fruit ripens.

They also tend to be firmer than fully ripe bananas, which can help geese eat them without risking crop issues.

Don’t hesitate to give your geese unripened bananas, and this is a good way to provide the benefits while minimizing the amount of sugar they get.

Are Cooked Bananas Safe for Geese?

Yes, they are, but you won’t ever need to cook bananas for geese. First, bananas, even green bananas, are plenty soft enough for geese to eat without issue.

Then there is the matter of cooking dramatically reducing the nutritional content of the fruit, so it really isn’t worth cooking them at all.

Sure, if for whatever reason you have cooked bananas (plain bananas, that is) you can give them to your geese all the same, but you need not go to any trouble otherwise.

Can Goslings Eat Bananas Safely?

Yes, they can, but you will want to be cautious. Goslings are both very sensitive little creatures and vulnerable to choking and crop issues.

Moist, sugary bananas will run a greater risk of blocking their crop or upsetting their digestion and potentially causing diarrhea. Both are pretty bad for these delicate little ones!

For these reasons, you are smart to wait until your goslings are at least 5 weeks old before giving them any banana as a treat, and even then make it a tiny quantity, just as a little taste or treat.

They will have plenty of time to enjoy them once they grow up, and will do fine on their usual pellets while they are young.

How Frequently Can Geese Eat Bananas?

1 or 2 small servings, at most, per week. Bananas are a healthy treat, but not a major part of a goose’s diet.

They will benefit from the vitamins, minerals and energy that these fruits can give them, but the sugar content is too much to make it a regular supplemental food.

Too much sugar in a goose’s diet can cause problems, even in otherwise healthy adults.

Yeast infections of the crop, indigestion, weight gain and more are all issues you might deal with as a direct result of too many bananas! Avoid this by keeping bananas as an occasional treat.

Preparing Bananas for Geese

There’s not much to do to prep your bananas: peel them, cut them into slices, and let your geese have at them.

It is also possible to mash bananas and then mix them into their usual pellets or other feed.

Don’t Give Bananas to Geese With Bad Ingredients or Additives

Bananas are just fine for geese as they are, no added ingredients necessary. I say this because bananas are routinely used as an ingredient or flavoring in a variety of desserts for human consumption.

While these treats can be fun and tasty for us, they always contain even more sugar, butter and other additives that are seriously bad for your birds’ health.

These treats are a wonderful way to make a goose deathly ill or maybe even kill them.

Keep the banana desserts for yourself and only feed your geese fresh, plain bananas – whether or not they are ripe! If they could talk, they would thank you…

Also, assuming you aren’t growing the ‘nanners yourself, try to buy them organic varieties: bananas are like all the other fruit on the market today and heavily sprayed with all sorts of chemicals.

Yes, most of the residues will come off when you peel the fruit, but not all! Organic bananas are a better investment for your geese’s health.

Never Give Geese Moldy or Spoiled Bananas

Don’t give your geese any bananas that are rotting, moldy, slimy, or otherwise spoiled in any way.

Yes, geese will eat all kinds of things in the wild but they are not invincible and can be made deathly sick off of bad food, including brown bananas you didn’t eat in time.

If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t feed it to your geese: give them wholesome, unspoiled fruit only!

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