So, Can You Give Bunnies Baths?

a rabbit eating strawberries

No matter what kind of pet you have, you’ve got to take steps to help them keep clean. Even rabbits! But there’s some controversy circulating over whether or not you should actually give a rabbit a bath. Some people say that rabbits are fastidiously clean and don’t need them. Others say that giving a rabbit … Read more

So, Does Lemon Balm Keep Mosquitoes Away?

lemon balm herb

Mosquitoes are probably the single most annoying insect out there. Tiny, almost invisible and basically undetectable until they strike, those itchy red welts they will leave behind will be driving you crazy for days after. But annoyance aside, mosquitoes are also quite dangerous, being the primary vectors for several dangerous and debilitating diseases. Whenever you’re … Read more

So, Do Bees Sleep?

holding a super with honey and bees

Most of us know that pretty much every living thing on Earth requires rest in the form of sleep. But some animals have entirely unique sleeping habits, either being active at night and sleeping during the day, or entering a state of sort of suspended animation where they aren’t really asleep. But what about insects? … Read more

So, How Long Can Rabbits Go Without Water?

two rabbits

Pretty much every single living thing on earth needs water to survive. Water is considered one of the most foundational elements needed to support life, and accordingly simple dehydration is a pervasive and consistent killer of people and animals alike. Let’s look at the water needs of our rabbits. How long can a rabbit go … Read more

27 Unsafe Food that Rabbits Shouldn’t Eat

two rabbits

Every animal has a unique diet, and even among animals that have a highly varied diet of foods, there are always going to be some that are bad. This is definitely the case with rabbits. Rabbits are strict herbivores, and eat a diet consisting mostly of hay and greenery, including various fruits and vegetables. But … Read more

23 White Rabbit Breeds You Should Know

two Florida white rabbits

The image of a perfectly pure white rabbit just might be the most iconic. It’s associated with innocence and rebirth, and of course a snow-white rabbit is, oh, so cute. White rabbits also happen to be some of the most plentiful out of all of the domestic breeds, and no matter what purpose you have … Read more

36 Fun and Interesting Facts About Rabbits

two rabbits

Rabbits are one of those animals that just get taken for granted. When you see them sitting there silently chewing away on grass or hay, it’s easy to think they are dull, even dumb. But nothing could be further from the truth! Rabbits, like all creatures, are surprisingly interesting, full of depth and wonder. From … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Jasmine?

chickens inside a large greenhouse

Jasmine is one shrub that is greatly loved for its highly aromatic flowers. Delicate, clustering and often climbing, there is hardly anything more beautiful found in nature. Jasmine can be found all over the world and is commonly cultivated as a decorative plant. Like many other decorative plants, chickens might occasionally want to sample it! … Read more

17 Rare Rabbits Breeds You Should Know

wild rabbit

Nothing lasts forever. And some things can be brought back from the brink. When it comes to domestic animals, and that includes rabbits, for whatever reason, sometimes a breed is just rare. Maybe there were never that many bred to begin with, or sometimes a breed’s numbers dwindle until they’re facing extinction. But no matter … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Queen Anne’s Lace?

newly introduced chickens to the flock

Queen Anne’s lace is a pretty, delicate flowering weed, one with a fairly ostentatious name considering it is just a wild carrot! If you have chickens, you might be wondering if they can dine on these wild Roots and other parts of the plant considering there are many other sorts of vegetables that they like. … Read more

How to Tell the Age of a Wild Rabbit

wild rabbit

It’s a good idea to learn how to tell the age of wild rabbits, and here’s why… Knowing how old they are can inform whether or not you might need to intervene in case a litter of kittens has been abandoned, or how healthy and how fast your local rabbit population is growing. Plus, it’s … Read more