So, Can Chickens Eat Mango?

a hen eating mango

Mangoes have often been called the king of fruits, or at least they are called the king of fruits in the countries where they usually grow! These delicious, delectable tropical fruits are sweet and satisfying, and also contain a good complement of vitamins. We know people love them, but can chickens eat mangoes? Yes, chickens … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Squash?

two six months old freedom ranger hens

If there is one vegetable that is a love it or leave it proposition for most people, it has to be squash, of all kinds. They are either beloved seasonal vegetables suitable for all kinds of dishes or disgustingly slimy, depending on who you ask. But however you might feel about them, we need to … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Arugula?

a hen eating arugula

Chickens eat all kinds of leafy vegetables. From lettuce and cabbage to various types of grass, if you own chickens you know by now that they love snacking on the green stuff. However, there is one leafy vegetable that is renowned for its nutrition and is commonly used in salads: arugula. Can chickens eat arugula? … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Ferns?

two six months old freedom ranger hens

Chickens will eat just about anything, and that includes all kinds of plant matter. They will eat leaves, flowers, stems, roots, and all. But not all plants are healthy for chickens, or even safe, and knowing enough to keep your birds away from harmful plants is crucial. How about ferns? Can chickens eat ferns? Yes, … Read more

So, Can Goats Eat Nuts?

two goats eating peanuts

Most animal owners know that nuts are one food that you need to be really careful with when it comes to feeding it to your furry friends. Some nuts are safe to eat, while others can cause serious health problems. Most people, luckily can eat nuts but even then nut allergies are among the most … Read more

Can Homesteading be Profitable?

geese, goats, and a donkey on the homestead

There are a lot of talks these days about homesteading, the resurgence of people wanting to grow their own food, raise their own animals, reduce societal dependence and generally be more self-sufficient. It is undoubtedly appealing. Some even claim to have significantly increased their income as a result of homesteading. But can homesteading be profitable? … Read more

So, Can Chickens Eat Rabbit Pellets?

newly introduced chickens to the flock

It rarely fails that animals kept together, or even near each other, on a farm or working homestead will find a way to “share” food. Horses will eat goat feed, cows will swipe a bit of hay from the horses, and so on. But chickens, chickens are omnivores, and that means they can be some … Read more

So, What Human Food Can Chickens Eat?

chickens eating human foods collage

If you’re like most people, you probably think that the only thing chickens can eat is chicken feed. But that is not true. Chickens are actually omnivores and can eat a variety of foods, including many of the same foods that people can. It is nice to know that you can share some foods with … Read more

So… Can Chickens Really Fly?

chicken spreading wings

Chickens, despite being the most common domesticated birds found around the world, still have a few mysteries about them. Namely, there seems to be a considerable amount of disagreement concerning whether or not they can actually fly. Some keepers report that their birds never really leave the ground, while others have been surprised to find … Read more

How Far and How High Can Chickens Fly?

chicken spreading wings

Ask your average person whether or not chickens can fly, and they might show a moment of hesitation before answering. It seems that plenty of people think chickens are flightless, and those who do know that chickens can fly rarely think that they can fly well. This latter part, at least, is true: compared to … Read more

How Many Tomato Seeds per Hole Should You Put?

tomato plants in garden

Planting tomatoes is really easy because they are low-maintenance, fairly hardy plants. Whether you grow from seeds you purchased, or seeds taken from a tomato that has passed its best-before date, some seeds will happily take, and others just will not. There is always the question of either over-populating or under-populating your yard. So, how … Read more