How to Make a No-Sew Quiet Book (7 Free Printables)

no-sew quiet book printable sample

Quiet books, whether the no-sew versions or sewn/embroidered books, are educational and interactive toys that are geared toward toddlers through kindergarten-age children. They first popped up in the hands of young children sitting in church pews. Homemade quiet books kept the children engaged and quiet when required to sit still for long periods of time … Read more

Art Stampers As Teaching Tools (Free PDF Printables)

wood stamps

Homeschooling using stampers perfectly blends art-based fun with preschool and early elementary-level skill building. We use stamper days in our homeschool twice a week, and the children always look forward to it. Stamper homeschooling activities are perfect for use with multi-age children. Everyone from toddlers through age 10 can be actively engaged in similar learning … Read more

50 Things to Teach Your Children About Bees

holding a super with honey and bees

Bees are one of the most vital creatures on our planet. Without bees one of every two to three morsels of food that we put into our mouths would simply not exist. Because of both the crucial role these tiny pollinators play in the food cycle and their dwindling numbers around the world, teaching children … Read more

How to Build a Waldorf Village for Under $30

wooden waldorf-style town

Making your own toys is not only a great cost saver, but such a fulfilling project. As homesteaders already know, there is just nothing like giving or receiving a handmade gift that was diligently worked on for hours by someone you love. Homemade toys beat the heck out of plastic junk made in China any … Read more

9 DIY Learning Games That Are Cheap to Make

Making your own learning games and resources does not need to be a parent only activity. Infusing the children into the process will not only teach the reward of hard work and the sense of pride that comes with completing a job well done, but can double as an academic and vocational exercise, as well. … Read more