You Won’t Believe It: How To Catch A Pig

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Oh my goodness, you will not believe it… the pig came back!!!!!

After the pig ran off into the woods, we just knew she was dog bait. The kids were pretty disappointed that they didn’t even get to see her. At dinner we prayed that the pig would come back. I sat down at the computer and scoured the internet for “how to catch a pig”. It didn’t look pretty, all I could find was info on how hard it is to catch a pig.

I kept thinking to myself, I wanna go look for it again! Finally I grabbed a heavy coat, a flashlight, and a chopped up apple and told Jerry I was going to look for the pig again.

I walked out into the freezing dark woods, and stood as still as I could hoping to hear it rustling in the leaves, or grunting around. All I could hear was the distant sound of dogs barking. Have they found her?

I thought I’d try calling her. How do you call a pig anyways? I decided I’d grunt like a pig to see if she’d answer. There I was, standing alone in the dark woods, holding an apple in my hand and grunting the best pig grunt I could muster.

I looked around to make sure nobody was watching me.

After a minute of that I walked to another part of the yard. I didn’t see or hear a thing. I looked up into the starry night sky and prayed, “Lord, please let the pig come back! Please don’t make us learn this lesson the hard way. I know that it seems impossible for the pig to come back, but Lord, nothing is impossible for you.” I stood outside for another minute, and then gave up the search and went back into the warmth of my home.

I started to eat the apples, but then decided to put them into the fridge… just in case.

About 30 minutes later my husband had gone outside to get some wood to put on the fire, when he came flying back into the house shouting, “Kendra! The pig is back!!” I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the bag of apples, grabbed my flashlight, and ran out the door.

There it was!!! Way across the yard we could make out the figure of a little pig, grunting around the fencing of it’s own pen!!! Jerry and I went into combat mode. Using hand signals we motioned to each other to circle around the pen and try to corner the her.

Slowly, we both made our way through the trees on opposite sides of the little piggy. I threw bits of apple to her, but she had no interest whatsoever in eating at the moment. I shined the flashlight on her while Jerry came in from behind. She casually turned and started walking right toward him, he stood very still. Just when she was within reach he lunged at her!

Loud squeals filled the air and she quickly escaped his grasp. I busted out laughing! Oh my goodness, this was hilarious!! She ran around to the opposite side of the fencing, right in my direction. She seemed to be trying to find a way back into the pen. I opened the gate and stood off to the side of it, hoping she’d go in. She slowly sniffed her way around, and when she got to the gate… you’ll never believe this… she walked right in!!!!!

I slammed the door shut after her. Jerry and I let out shouts of praise! Thank you Lord! But we weren’t done yet. We still had to catch the pig. If we left her she’d just escape again.

We shined the light on her and did our best to corner her. Man, pigs are incredibly fast! It was hard to see her in the darkness, with only a little light. Jerry and I took our turns lunging at her. Jerry caught her back end one time, and she let out another loud squeal and got away. I lunged at her one time, only to fall into a pile of goat poop.

Finally, Jerry tackled her. She squealed like never before. I yelled, “Yay!!! Hold onto her!!” We got her back to the cage that he’d brought her home in, and put her inside.

Phew! Wrestling pigs on a cold night is invigorating! We both let out loud cheers, laughing in disbelief!!!

I still cannot believe that she just walked right back into her pen all on her own. That’s nuts!! Praise the Lord!!! He has shown mercy on us, and believe me, we’ve learned our lesson!

We put her and her cage in the workshop for tonight so she’ll be warm. Tomorrow we’ll decide how to better keep her.

We’re still laughing and shaking our heads. What a night!

9 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe It: How To Catch A Pig”

  1. I can only imagine the chase you had to catch it! But it’s wonderful it came back – straight to it’s pen. I love it when God answers those prayers you don’t expect to be answered!

  2. It was definetly your awesome pig calling ability 🙂 Just remember that she was easy to deal with now… How about when she gets really big? Pigs can be mean and fast. If you ever need to load her in the trailer just back it up to her gate and then put food in it. She should be in there in a few hours. Otherwise good luck loading that porker!
    They will make friends with the kids. Get them a toilet brush to scratch her. My 3 year old said one day while I was cleaning the toilet, “How come you’re cleaning the toilet with a pig brush?”
    Pigs are notorious for escaping. My dad, a farmer from way back, says if her ever goes to prison he’s taking a pig with him. If there is a way to escape the pig will find it.
    Slaughtering is really messy. Check around….we have ours slaughtered and mostly turned into sausage for $50. Worth the money! I’d love to give you some advice on what we have used our pork for (ham, bacon, sausage, chops…so forth) Let me know if you are interested. Otherwise I won’t bore everyone!

  3. I am so glad your pig came back! That is so awesome that it just walked right in it’s cage. My cousin kept wild hogs in a chain length fence, but he put bricks and wood around the outside, so the pigs couldn’t get out.

    Good luck with Pork Chop!

  4. Oh MY GOODNESS! That was so funny! I totally giggled out loud reading that! I wish someone had a video camera. Congratulations on recatching her! You guys are awesome! Now you can sleep peacefully! =0)


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