We’ve Got Guineas!

When my father-in-law told us of a friend of his who was hatching out guinea keets and asked us if we’d be interested in getting any… for FREE!… we were like, “Are you kidding me? Heck yeah!!” We’ve been wanting to get some for a while, but nobody around here sells them, and we didn’t want to deal with mail-order, so this was wonderful!!

We picked them up one day last week. Aren’t they adorable?! I was surprised at how cute they are, ’cause man are they ugly when they’re grown!

We’re keeping them in a rabbit hutch until they’re a little bigger and can fend for themselves free ranging. They’re known for being great at killing mosquitoes and ticks, along with other garden pests (without scratching everything up like chickens do).

They’re also known for being like guard dogs, making extremely loud noises when somebody comes up to the house. It’ll be funny to see what they sound like and how loud they get!

Oh, and I’ve heard they lay great tasting eggs. I’m hoping I’m able to find where they lay! I can’t wait to let them get to work!

What a blessing it was to get these little guys. I have no idea how many are male and how many are female. I don’t even know if they grow combs like roosters to tell them apart. Guess I’ve got some reading to do!

The guy who gave them to us also said he’d give us a baby steer he’s tired of dealing with.

Just give it to us!

*Sigh* If only we had the room. Man, what I wouldn’t do to be able to bring it home!!!

So, any of you have any experience with guineas you’d like to share with me?? I’m excited to have a new kind of animal on the homestead!

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  1. Got 2 keets about a month after purchasing 5 baby chicks (3 Aracana and 2 Cuckoo Marans) The chickens and the guineas are now about four months old and they get along beautifully. The roam free range all day and at night they all go into their secure area. I am very surprised that they all huddle up on the ground instead of going into the chicken house to roost. I think when the weather gets cooler here in Texas (sure hope it cools down soon) I will close their small door and keep them locked up to see if they will jump up on their roost. I have had chicens and guineas before and they NEVER stayed on the ground at night, always up on a roost. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Enjoy reading your post!!!

  2. If you enjoy the constant sound of barking dogs, then you will enjoy the guineas. If not, no worries, I heard they’re delicious.

  3. I was wondering why the attraction to guineas when they are so noisy. Knowing that they eradicate pests without scratching up the garden, I may consider adding them to our future homestead possible livestock list. 🙂

  4. I never dreamed the day would come when we would want Guineas.An old neighbor we had once owned some and they annoyed me greatly.My son bought a few and then the local farm store had a bunch left over(the managers wife was the one taking care of them and was at the end of her pregnancy)so they called us oneday and wondered if we would take the rest?????I think there were 20 something.We took them all and the food that they had left over too.:)IT was a great deal!!!A bunch got hit in the road one day when it rained real hard.:(
    They are noisy but we enjoy the sound and it nice that they”warn”you when anyone drives in.We eat their eggs and they are good.:)We have not had a Guinea hen hatch out any of her own eggs but the kids collect them and put them under our sitting chickens.We have no rooster so they would not hatch out anything otherwise.It is so cute to watch them together after they hatch.Just too cute!!We have noticed that we have had alot fewer ticks the last year or so as well.They clean up bugs in the garden but do not hurt the established plants.They are very useful.We still cannot tell our male from the female.Although we knew we had one.

  5. Guineas are so cool. Only thing is, you have to keep them cooped for a while till they know where to come home to, because they will roam the whole neighbor. We paid money for ours, they insisted on roosting in the tree instead of coming into the hen house, and a predator got them. We haven’t been brave enough to get any more since.

  6. Oh, I’m jealous, granted we have had all of our chickens given to us, but they are sure making a mess and apparently liked my sweet potatoes. So Guineas would be a nice edition.

  7. You can tell them apart by the sounds they make. The male guinea has a rachet sounding tone and the female have an up/down pitch tone. We found a few nests and have hatched out 26 so far this year. We can’t find our female and think she may have a nest somewhere she is sitting on. Have fun with them…

  8. My experience with guineas is that our neighbor bought them, but we had them! We lived half a mile away, but they insisted on staying at our house! Looking back, it’s hilarious, but at the time it was very frustrating. They are ear busting loud, too, when they ate right outside your bedroom window.

    I frequently tease my husband that we need to get some, because they do have some terrific attributes, but he always answers with a firm, “No.”


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