Do Pigs Eat Their Own Poop?

pig in front of its pen

Pigs have a reputation for being dirty animals. And I suppose that’s because they wallow around in mud regularly and eat some pretty gross stuff, so part of this reputation is deserved. But pigs really aren’t that filthy, are they? Well, as it turns out, pigs might be even nastier than you think in one … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Corn?

pig eating corn kernels

There’s one thing that most people tend to associate with pigs, it is the fact that they can eat basically anything. They eat all kinds of vegetables, fruit, and even meat… What most people don’t know is that pigs can also eat grains as a limited part of their diet. However, not all grains are … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Cheese or Other Dairy?

a pig trying some feta cheese

When it comes to drinking milk and eating dairy products, humans are the only creatures that continue to consume them well into adulthood. Pigs are mammals too, of course, and naturally, they get a steady diet of milk when they are very young, but sows and owners don’t let this go on forever. Some people … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Hay?

pig eating some hay

There’s one thing you can count on most livestock animals eating, it is hay. Cows, goats, sheep, horses, and other animals all eat hay. But I can’t remember if I’ve ever heard people talking about their pigs eating hay, have you? That’s a really good question! What’s the answer? Do pigs eat hay? Yes, pigs … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Fish?

pig eating from a bowl

Most folks already know that pigs eat all kinds of foods, from vegetables like carrots and potatoes to various kinds of fruit and grains and, of course, meat. Typically, pigs are happy to get any meat that you will give them, and seemingly no cut is beneath them. They will even eat pork from their … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Celery?

pig eating sliced celery

One thing that most people know about pigs is that they have a huge appetite. We don’t use the expression “eating like a pig” for nothing! But what some people don’t know is just how varied the diet of a pig can be: Pigs can eat all sorts of foods, including a huge variety of … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Rice?

two pigs eating some rice

For domestic pigs, one of the most important things you can do is get their diet dialed in. This is easier said than done, because you’ve got to make sure they are hitting all of their nutritional goals while growing steadily and staying happy. Pigs will eat all sorts of things and that can make … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Meat?

pig eating boiled chicken bones

Pretty much everyone knows by now that pigs have incredibly varied diets. There’s almost nothing that they cannot eat safely and get nutrition from. That’s one of the great things about owning pigs! But depending on who you ask, you might hear some strong opinions concerning whether or not pigs can, or should, eat meat. … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Bacon?

a pig trying bacon

I think it is safe to say that most folks know that pigs eat meat. Yes, they eat a lot of other things but compared to most of our livestock, it’s pigs, and I guess chickens, that we think of as the meat-eaters. And chickens mostly eat bugs, so they don’t count! But pigs can … Read more

So, Can Pigs Eat Apples?

a pig eating an apple

Out of all the different livestock species, pigs are the ones with the reputation for being big and adventurous eaters. In fact, it is easier to list the things that pigs can’t eat rather than list the things that they will! There’s a lot of truth to this, but nonetheless, pigs still can’t eat quite … Read more

Are Pigs Actually Profitable?

woman petting a pig

Have you ever wondered if raising pigs is actually profitable? I mean, most of us know someone who raises pigs even if we only know them tangentially or by reputation. And, of course, we know that pork is extremely popular, because there is no shortage of products in every single grocery store. The more you … Read more

So, How Much Do Pigs Eat?

a pig inside a muddy pigsty

Out of all the livestock species that you might keep, there is no doubt that pigs have the reputation of being the biggest eaters. After all, saying that someone or something eats like a pig is not a compliment! Though it is a stereotype, pigs really are big eaters but with good cause. Most breeds … Read more

So, What Part of the Pig Is Bacon?

man getting ready to butcher a pig

Ah, bacon. Is there any food more American, and more delicious than that? Crispy, savory, salty and absolutely alluring! There is no dish that cannot be made better by bacon. Even writing about it has set my mouth to watering… But as much as we all love bacon, and I know we do, have you … Read more

So, How Much Do Piglets Typically Cost?

a 10-week old piglet

If you’ve ever thought of getting into pig farming, you have probably already pondered how much such an endeavor might cost. But however big your dreams are, every herd starts with just a few pigs, or maybe even piglets! Piglets are undeniably adorable, but you can’t neglect the financial assessment. How much do piglets actually … Read more

13 Surprising Facts About Pigs

woman petting a pig

Pigs get a bad rap. Sure, they’re one of the most common and most important farm animals around when it comes to meat production, but they have an image problem as disgusting, brutish creatures. Large pigs can be dangerous and messy, no doubt, but believe me when I tell you that pigs have a lot … Read more