So, Can Pigs Eat Eggs?

Not all clichés are true; some are harmful. But then there are some clichés that became so because it is absolutely warranted, and that is definitely the case when it comes to pigs’ appetites! It seems like pigs are always hungry, and they will eat just about anything.

pig eating a hard boiled egg
He’s having the egg exactly as he should: boiled! 🙂

But, surprisingly, there are some things that pigs should not eat, or eat in any significant quantity. What about eggs, for instance? Is it safe for pigs to eat eggs?

Yes, pigs can eat eggs as part of a well-rounded and complete diet. Pigs can eat the whole egg, shell, and all, but it’s highly recommended that you cook the eggs before serving them to pigs to prevent foodborne illnesses.

Eggs are a great treat or nutritional supplement for pigs, and they’ll definitely get a lot out of the vitamins and minerals as well as a good shot of protein. Also, pigs seem to really like eggs, and it will definitely keep your porkers happy.

However, there’s a little bit more to know when it comes to preparing eggs to give to pigs as well as how often you should give them. I’ll tell you what you need to know below.

Egg Nutritional Info

Eggs are a wonderful supplement to a pig’s diet, as they are packed with protein, amino acids and tons of vitamins and minerals that pigs need.

Looking at the vitamins, eggs have a great amount of vitamin A and a good assortment of the B-complex vitamins, though B3 and B4 are absent.

Thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, B6, and folate are all here though along with a great amount of B12. Eggs are also dense with choline and vitamin D, rounded out by a little bit of vitamin E.

The mineral content is similarly impressive, with tons of phosphorus and a good amount of zinc and iron along with lesser amounts of calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

Eggs are also notable for containing a fair bit of sodium naturally, though this is rarely a problem for pigs unless you’re adding a lot of it to their diet elsewhere.

Is it Safe for Pigs to Eat Raw Eggs?

Pigs can eat raw eggs, but you shouldn’t give them raw eggs if you can avoid it.

Raw eggs, like a lot of other raw animal proteins, increase the chances of your pigs contracting foodborne illnesses like salmonella.

Is it Safe for Pigs to Eat Cooked Eggs?

Yes. Cooking the eggs is the preferred way to serve them to your herd of pigs.

This will make the eggs easier for your pigs to digest and also eliminate harmful pathogens that might be in the eggs when they are raw.

Remember that just because your pigs can and will eat just about anything raw, that doesn’t mean they’re immune from the consequences!

Are Egg Yolks Safe for Pigs?

Yes. Egg yolks, along with the whites, are 100% completely safe for pigs and nutritious!

How About Eggshells? Can Pigs Have Those?

Yes, they can. Eggshells contain minerals that pigs need, and they certainly won’t mind the crunch.

However you prepare your eggs, you can give them the egg shells along with them and they will scarf them up.

Are Fried Eggs Safe for Pigs?

Yes, they sure are. Fried eggs are safe for pigs and for some people, this is a convenient way to whip them up for the pigs.

If you’re going to fry the eggs, don’t use excess amounts of butter or oil to prepare them. More on that in a bit.

pig next to old stone rocks
pig next to old stone rocks

Are Scrambled Eggs Safe for Pigs?

Yes, they are. Scrambled eggs are among the easiest to prepare by any number of methods, and also one that pigs will love.

Scrambling eggs is also a great way to make them easier to mix in with other foods for serving to your herd.

Are Hard-boiled Eggs Safe for Pigs?

Yes, and pigs love them! Also, remember that you can leave the eggshells on if you want to.

They’re good for pigs, and won’t hurt them, and that will save you the pain that is trying to peel your hard-boiled eggs once they are done!

Can Pigs Eat Chicken Eggs?

Definitely. The most popular eggs eaten the world over are completely, totally safe and nutritious for your pigs.

Can Pigs Eat Duck Eggs?

Yes, they can. Duck eggs are not as popular as chicken eggs throughout North America, not even close, but they’re still completely safe and very healthy for pigs.

Can Piglets Have Eggs, Too?

Yes, piglets can eat eggs also as soon as they are old enough to eat solid food. But, make sure you cook the eggs, don’t risk giving baby pigs raw eggs because they are significantly more vulnerable to illness compared to adults.

Also, prepare the egg by scrambling it or chopping it up into pieces if you are hard boiling it so it’s easier for them to eat it.

Lastly, serve piglets eggs in moderation since too many will easily give them diarrhea.

Can Mini Pigs Eat Eggs?

They sure can. Mini pigs, just like their bigger cousins, can eat eggs as well.

How Often Can Pigs Have Eggs?

How often pigs can have eggs and how many they should eat is something of a contentious topic.

Eggs are wholesome and super nutritious for pigs, no doubt about it, but they also aren’t a mainstay dietary item.

It’s easy to know when you’re giving pigs too many eggs because they’ll start getting loose stools and eventually full-blown diarrhea, and that’ll be a nightmare.

Eggs are generally a good addition to the menu of your drove (herd) in moderation, maybe a modest serving of eggs once or twice a week, but no more than that.

That will keep digestive troubles to a minimum, keep your pigs happy, and provide them with maximum nutritional benefits all at once.

What’s the Best Way to Serve Eggs to Pigs?

The only thing you need to worry about when preparing eggs for pigs is cooking them. Cooking them will completely destroy harmful microorganisms in raw eggs that might make your pigs sick.

I like to scramble big batches of eggs in the microwave for my pigs because it is quick, convenient and minimizes mess in the kitchen, and the eggs turn out really fluffy without any added ingredients.

That makes it easy to incorporate the eggs into other food or just serve them as-is.

And, just another reminder, your pigs can eat the egg shells so don’t worry about removing them if you hard boil them.

Never Feed Your Pigs Any Eggs Prepared with Things They Can’t Have

Since we’re on the topic of cooking eggs, now is also a good time for another reminder: don’t serve your pigs eggs prepared with any harmful ingredients, things like pepper, salt, excess butter, seed oils, cheese and things of that nature.

All these ingredients make for delicious egg dishes, for sure, but they’re highly likely to upset the stomachs of your pigs and that won’t lead to anything good!

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