Persnickety Pig: What Do Pigs Eat?

pork chop

I always had the impression that pigs would eat anything. Boy, was I wrong! Pigs do not eat whatever you put before them… at least not my pig!

Let’s see… raw potatoes, potato peels, raw carrots, egg shells, banana peels, peanuts in the shells, and raw parsnips are a few things that immediately come to mind when I think of what Ms. Porkchop turns her snout up at.

But chocolate, oh let me tell you, she will dig past everything else to the bottom of the bucket if she smells a chocolate chip cookie hiding at the bottom. I know it can’t be good for her, but so far it’s done no harm. Boy, does she love those cookies!!

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  1. I cook my potatoes for the pigs 🙂 I agree about the competition. We have two, pork and chop, and they eat everything so the other one won’t get it. Two also keep each other company but make twice the mess 🙂 Both of ours go off to the happy rooting ground this weekend….sausage soon 🙂

    Both of mine will also eat egg shells and banana peels…funny they have different pallets 🙂

  2. My pigs don’t like potato peelings either 🙂

    I think chocolate chip cookies can’t hurt. I used to give my pigs all the sugar foam from my jellies & jams.

    Ms.Porkchop wouldn’t be so picky if she had competition. Feeding 2 or 3 pigs together makes a difference in what they’ll eat.
    Good luck with your piggie

  3. Oh, dear, I need to stop reading the posts about your pig. I’m going to be upset when you slaughter her, and she’s not even mine! She just so cute. 🙂

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