Rainwater Harvesting Plant Nursery


When we design solutions in permaculture, we’re looking to solve more than one issue at once, so that all our elements in the wider system of our permaculture garden become multifunctional tools. This increases efficiency as two problems are solved at the same time leading to higher yields with lower outputs of energy. This article … Read more

Composting Vs. Sheet Mulching in Permaculture


You probably heard of the permaculture technique known as ‘sheet mulching’. An on-the-spot composting solution, sheet mulching seems like a convenient way to compost without as much hard labor as building compost piles. However, there are some key differences between sheet mulching and composting that make them equally as good as each other and suitable … Read more

9 Steps to Create a Permaculture Garden

transplanting a creeper to climb a tree to create a guild.

Permaculture is a toolbox of techniques aimed at regenerating the Earth and the society in which we live. However, many people see permaculture as an agriculture-based activity, driven by its originally meaning of ‘permanent agriculture’. While permaculture now encompasses ways in which we manage energy, rebuild shelters, and rework our sociological communities, the very backbone … Read more

Permaculture 101 for Homesteaders

Permaculture, the shortened version of ‘permanent agriculture’ or ‘permanent culture’, is a school of thought that seeks to mimic the natural patterns of nature to find regenerative solutions to the basic needs of humans and the environment in which we live. What is Permaculture? With a view of providing holistic regenerative systems, permaculture provides a … Read more