Natural Healing Herbs: Postpartum Relief You Can Pick In Your Own Backyard

After asking my midwife about herbal healing for postpartum relief she took me for a walk in my backyard. Sure enough, the Plantain we were hunting was to be found. She shared with me that if you pick the leaves of the Plantain, put them in a blender with a little bit of water (enough to make a paste), then rub that over your postpartum pad, it will help soothe the soreness and hasten the healing process.

And it’s free.

I think that’s awesome. I thought you might think so, too. So there you go.

By the way, Plantain is great for bee stings too. Just chew up a leaf and smear the goo on your sore spot, it’ll suck the poison right out.

Chances are you have this medicinal herb growing in your yard right now and you just thought it was another weed. Go see if you can find one! And then remember where it’s growing in case you ever need it.

Know of any other uses for Plantain? I’d love to know how you use this wonderful herb!

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  1. My Mother got stung on her chest last week, it was very painful. Since then she has seen more than she would like in her yard & around her home (invasion). Does anyone have any ideas about how to get rid of them. My mom has no gardens (veg. Nor flower.) She does have a very very large banana tree in the back yard. She says they are everywhere! ?? Please help!

  2. Hi ,I feed plantain to my sick or after having babies Rabbits .
    It sure helps them ,glad to read about other uses ,
    Thank you.

  3. Thank you for posting this! Since reading this I am now seeing plantains everywhere even though they were already growing there!

  4. Great to see someone else picking “weeds” for medicinal purposes. A friend told me to put this poultice on bug bites. It is immediately soothing. Working in the yard in late afternoon, I tend to get bit a lot. A blender is not handy when I am outside – I pick, chew and make a poultice right there on the spot. Works terrific.

  5. I think I have one growing in my backyard. I almost bought some dried leaves from the health food store the other day – it’s on my list to make a salve for the kids. Love the post!

  6. I’ve never used this for anything- but am going out to look for some today! Is it hard to identify?

    Thanks for posting this.
    and the comments too!


  7. You can take 3 cups and mash them up ( I use the food processor), strain it through a cheese cloth, add one cup honey to the liquid. Bring to a boil over medium heat for ten minute. Take a teaspoon up to three times a day as a cough syrup.
    Boil the same leaves in a little water allow to cool and you have a wonderful eye wash for just about anything.
    It can be made into an ointment by boiling on low in olive oil adding a couple of teaspoons of beeswax. Use for just about any skin problem you have. Aids in healing and relives itching.
    You can use it as a poultice for sprains and even they say broken bones too.
    Plantain is my favorite wonder weed. Has no side effects that I know of and is safe to use with the kids. Oh yeah and the stuff is everywhere 🙂

  8. Combine with Jewelweed and Aloe to make a treatment for Poison Oak. I’ve made it twice… though for others and they didn’t really give it a shot. It was pretty easy to make… and the jewelweed is pretty easy to find everywhere too.

    Here’s a little “how to”: .

  9. Plantain is WONDERFUL for these uses. I alos use it with lavendar and chamomile which makes and OUT STANDING burn salve.


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