Remember when I was wondering if you can plant store-bought garlic as seed? Well, I harvested my garlic about a week ago, and it was a great success! I thought you might enjoy a short impromptu video of me demonstrating the harvesting process…


If you remember, I planted this garlic from store-bought cloves.

Here is my bed ready to be harvested. The leaves have begun to yellow. You don’t want to wait until the leaves have all died back before you harvest, or your garlic cloves will begin to separate, and the head won’t be a nice, tight bulb.

You can brush the dirt aside to see how big the head is on your bulb before you pull it up.When you harvest, be sure to use a tool to help you pry up the head so that you don’t break the stem. You’ll need the stem intact so that you can string the garlic up to dry.

I was very pleased with the size of my finished garlic!! Most were the same size as the bulbs I purchased from the store for my seed.

I ended up harvesting 101 good sized heads, and a handful of smaller bulbs. Pretty darn good if you ask me, considering I started out with only nine heads for seed!

We’ve hung them to dry in our workshop for several weeks. To prepare them, all we did was gently brush the dirt from the bulbs and strung them up in bunches of five. DO NOT wash the bulbs before hanging, as this could encourage mold.

After they’ve dried well enough, I’ll braid them for storage. That’ll be another post. (Update: Oops! Looks like you’re supposed to braid your garlic BEFORE you dry it. Guess I’ll show you how to do that next time around!)


Are you a pro at harvesting garlic? Have any tips to share??