Fall is the perfect time to get garlic in the ground. And it’s super easy to plant.

This year, I did something seen as somewhat risky for our first time planting garlic.

I planted store-bought garlic. From China.

It’s “risky”, ’cause it may not do well here. But I didn’t order seeds in time to plant them, and I don’t know when I’ll get into town to visit the farmer’s market to buy some garlic (which would have really been the ideal thing to do), so, I’m experimenting!

If you have a farmer’s market nearby, and you can find a vendor selling locally grown heads of garlic… get them. It is sure to be a variety which grows well in your area.

To plant garlic, first you break apart the heads into individual cloves.

Next, plant the cloves into the ground, root side down. This is the root side.

Simply push the cloves into loose soil until the tips are just barely below the surface of the dirt. Space them about 8 inches apart. Then cover them up with a thin layer of soil.

Garlic requires well draining soil, or else it’ll rot in the ground. It is benefited by the addition of finished compost or aged manure. Mulch lightly over the winter with hay or straw.

In the Spring, (hopefully!), a green curly flower stem will shoot up from the garlic heads. Snip this off, as it will take energy away from the growing bulb. You can use this cutting to cook with, the same as you would use a clove of garlic. Continue mulching all the way through the summer, to prevent weeds.

Harvest when the stems have begun turning brown. And hang them in small clustersΒ  to dry.

Like I said, this is my first attempt at growing garlic. I’ve had this brand of garlic begin to sprout in my pantry, so hopefully it’ll do the same in the ground!

Any tips or advice you can share on growing garlic? Will you be growing any this year?