Can You Plant Store Bought Garlic?

Well… here’s the question:

If you plant store bought garlic, will it grow?

If you remember, about four weeks ago, I did just that. Planted China grown garlic cloves, straight from the grocery store.

And here’s the verdict…

YES!!! They’re growing!

Some of these guys are about ten inches tall already. I’m so excited!

Now, the next question is, will they produce?

I’m dying to know if these plants will grow into nice garlic heads, or if they’ll be duds. I won’t know till I harvest, sometime between mid-May to early June.

I think I’ll mulch them lightly with leaves or straw soon, to protect them a little from the winter months.

Maybe, with some luck, I’ll have a successful harvest early next summer!

21 thoughts on “Can You Plant Store Bought Garlic?”

  1. I was told that I couldn’t plant & grow California garlic here in the Pacific Northwest. HA! Not only did it grow, it wintered over and reproduced. Someone visited my garden a couple of weeks ago and seeing my “Elephant Garlic” said, “Nice corn!”. He just about feel over when I told him that was garlic! Cheers!

  2. How do you plant store bought garlic? did you just stick the whole bulb in or one head at a time? (I’m very new to gardening, so excuse the question)

  3. We did this last year. It worked but the seed garlic we used produced better looking bulbs that were larger. The store garlic had pretty wimpy little bulbs by harvest time. I suspected that maybe the store garlic has been bred to need a lot of inputs.

    have you tried planting celery ends? You know the stub left over from when you use a stalk of celery? Works beautifully!

  4. Most people don’t know this, but if you have some open space to fill in along the fence line or somewhere similar, you can take a bag of seven bean mix from the grocery store and they will grow just fine. I first did this for wildlife food, but they did so well I picked several messes of beans off of them. I first got the idea by planting mixed birdseed for animal plots.

  5. I grew grocery store garlic (from California) in my garden (in Michigan) the last two years. It worked just fine, but the heads weren’t very big. The biggest disadvantage is that the types of garlic they sell at the grocery store are usually the kinds that don’t form scapes (which is one of the best parts of growing garlic).

  6. I plant store bought organic garlic and it seems to do just fine. I think I am going to do the same with organic potatoes. I spent way too much money on seed potatoes from a seed company and I regret it because I know a bag of potatoes would do fine. Also planted elephant garlic. They are a soft neck variety and are harvested differently.

    You may already know how to harvest it. I ended up planting lots of garlic this year. So hopefully we will have a good amount next year.

  7. I don’t know about your climate, but here no mulch in needed. The mulch may introduce fungus. I am guessing that you will get a nice crop.


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