how to freeze tomatoes whole

Don’t you just wish you could get all of your tomatoes in at once? At least, the majority of them?

I know I do. That way I could make all of my sauces to can all at once.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Those ripe tomatoes come in a little here and a little there, at their leisure. And you can’t just collect them as they ripen and set them aside until you have enough to can, not unless you have a ton coming in at once. Inevitably, they’ll go bad.

Well, there’s an easy solution for this common problem… freeze them!

Here’s how to freeze tomatoes… simply clean them, core them, and remove any bad spots. Then fill a gallon freezer bag with the prepared tomatoes, as you get them in. When you have a couple of bags full, you’re ready to thaw them and cook them into your desired sauce.

That’s what I do, anyways.

I haven’t tried this for salsas… I don’t think the consistency would be right. But for tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, ketchup, etc. It works perfectly. And I love the convenience of being able to process them in my own time.

How do you use your frozen tomatoes?