Jerry and I have racked our brains trying to come up with some way to make money off of our land. If we could just work it, and earn enough to survive here without an outside job, oh, what a blessing that would be! But what can we do here? We don’t have room for fields to plant crops in. We don’t have a pasture to raise cows on, or a barn to board horses in. What we have is an acre of woody land, and a house smack in the middle of it.

Though there isn’t anything “big” that we can do here, we have come up with lots of little things that could help us earn extra money from home. Of course, everything takes start up costs, some more than others, so we can’t do everything we want to all at once. But here are some things we have in mind:

  1. Breed & Sell Rabbits– We already have a bunch of rabbit cages we got for free off of Craigslist, which came with dozens of water bottles and feeders. And we have a nice grassy area we could fence in for them to graze on. As we all know, rabbits multiply like crazy, so we would easily have lots to sell. We could raise and sell them for pets, for meat, and for fur.
  2. Raise Turkeys to sell– Turkeys are one of those animals that don’t take a lot to feed, and grow very quickly. I think there would be a good market for naturally raised Turkey meat.
  3. Breed & Sell Goats– For meat, and for milking. We could also sell goat’s milk, and make soap and cheese from it to sell as well.
  4. Breed & Sell Dogs- Still not sure if we wanna do this yet. But, if we could get a good male and female pair, and raise good farm dogs for local farmers, we could make a little extra money that way. Just a thought.
  5. Sell plants- Growing plants (veggies or flowers) from seeds would be the cheapest to start doing, and could be marked up significantly. I could easily get a pack of 50 seeds for a dollar or two, and sell the plants that come from each seed for $1 a piece or so.
  6. Sell produce- If I ever manage to grow enough food in our garden that we actually have any extra, we could obviously sell it.
  7. Sell farm fresh eggs- We’ll have to increase our flock size, but whenever we get enough hens we can start selling the extra eggs.
  8. Sell chickens- For meat, or laying hens; as our flock multiplies.
  9. Sell fertilized eggs, or incubate eggs for others.
  10. Teach canning, bread baking, soap making courses from home.
  11. Sell fresh medicinal or culinary herbs or plants.
  12. Sell wild blackberry bushes- we’d just have to dig them up and pot them.
  13. Make soaps to sell– The materials would be the biggest expense.
  14. Sell honey and candles– I’d love to have bee hives one day. But that’s probably a while in the future.
  15. Sell freshly baked breads and other baked goods. We’d have to get our name out there though to build a good customer base.
  16. Jerry could make wooden toys to sell– Though this would be very time consuming.
  17. Sell paintings and crafts– I’m pretty handy with a paintbrush and love to make crafts, but again, it is so time consuming, and who has TIME?

Well, that’s all I got. Whatcha think? Can you think of anything else we could do to make a little money from our land? How do you bring in extra cash from home?