My Garden This Year

Here’s what the start of this year’s garden looks like. It’s just seedlings so far, but hopefully in a couple of months everything will be flourishing!

31 Places to Order Seeds and Plants Online

two packets of cowpea seeds

Some plants you just can’t find locally. There are so many edibles I want to have around our homestead… most of which I have come to discover no local nurseries carry. It seems my only option is ordering either via mail-order or online. These days, gardeners have a wide range of options when it comes … Read more

My First Garden: 9 Weeks Later

my first garden after 2 months

I thought I’d try gardening the cheap way this time: just sticking the seed in the soil (not adding anything to it really) and watering it. Well, you get what you pay for… which is not much in my case. Lesson learned.