Inexpensive Garden Fencing

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Hubby was finally able to get the fence up around my garden yesterday… yay! Now I don’t have to worry about the rabbits, deer, or goats eating all of my hard work!

I held out buying fencing for as long as I could. I really didn’t want to spend any money on a fence. I was hoping I’d find some for free somewhere, but… no luck. I knew it would be foolish to plant a bunch of stuff and not have a fence to protect it, so I finally gave in and bought materials.

Before making my purchase, though, I searched everywhere for the cheapest fencing ideas. And although many were pretty to look at, everything was way too expensive for me. My husband checked out a local salvage place, and found that they could order chicken wire for less money than other places.

We bought 200 ft. of chicken wire for $58. That was the cheapest way we could find to do it. Jerry just used old lumber that we had laying around to create posts to secure the fencing to. If you don’t have any wood handy, try to find an active construction site nearby; usually they are happy to let you take the scrap wood that would otherwise be thrown away.

So, although it isn’t Better Homes and Gardens gorgeous, it is functional and serves it’s purpose. I am very pleased to have this project done! I’ll still be keeping my eye out for free wood fencing though. Maybe one day my garden will be beautiful as well as delicious!

One step at a time…

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  1. I think it looks rather nice! Of course Im a farm girl that looks more past the fence to the gorgeous plants/animals beyond 😉 It looks like you got it pretty tall too, thats good! My moms farm has 4 foot fencing for the horses but she has to put 6 foot fencing around the garden and orchard if she wants to keep deer out. They can jump very high and dont need a running start! lol

    btw Im loving the red dirt hehe my mom lives in Northern California and has very red clay dirt. When she bought the place the old mobile had rust colored carpet. She was tempted to keep it lol since it hid all the dirt marks!

  2. Try looking in Craigs List for used fencing. This is the time of year that everyone seems to be replacing there old stockade fences. I love the way your fence looks though. This way you can see all of your plants as they grow.

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