Garden Update: May 21

Just a quick update on how our garden is progressing. It has grown a lot since my last post about four weeks ago!

But every day I lose another plant to my chickens, goats, or the dog. It is the most frustrating thing in the world to find your beautiful garden either dug up or munched on. I cannot stress the importance of a good fence, ie: not chicken wire!

Garden May 2010

Here are some tomatoes. Most of them are Amish Paste tomatoes, though there is a Yellow Marble tomato plant in there too. See how nicely the chickens have dug up the corner of the bed. There was a plant there:

Here are some Brandywine Tomatoes:

Brandywine tomatoes

Here is the Paris White Cos leaf lettuce coming up.

Paris White Cos leaf lettuce

And here are some Scarlet Nantes carrots:

Scarlet Nantes carrots
Scarlet Nantes carrots

The yellow squash bed is blooming. I think it’s interesting that the two biggest, greenest plants in the bed are the ones I watered with a compost tea, just as an experiment. Guess it worked!

yellow squash growing in raised bed
yellow squash growing in raised bed

Here are the bush green beans. The chickens will NOT leave them alone! I also had more lettuce planted between the beans, but the hens have destroyed them all:

bush green beans in raised bed
bush green beans in raised bed

The strawberry bed:

strawberries in raised bed

So far I’ve gathered 48 berries, though they’ve all been very small. These are Sparkle strawberries, which are smaller and good for making jams. I’m kind of wishing I’d planted a larger variety, as the berries we’ve gathered were hardly even large enough to taste.

sparkle strawberries with fruit in raised bed
sparkle strawberries with fruit in raised bed

Maybe they’ll get bigger as the plants mature, but I’ll probably order another variety next season. It will take forever before we get enough berries to have a canning session!

Spring onion bed. I’ve also interplanted cabbage:

spring onion in raised garden beds
spring onion in raised garden beds

Spring Onions and Cabbage

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage. We’ll see if it lives.

Potatoes in raised bed

Potato bed. I totally thought these guys were a lost cause. But they’ve surprised me! I finally have some shoots growing up:


Two Pumpkin mounds:

two pumpkin mounds

These are pie pumpkins:

young pie pumpkin plants

Here’s my row of watermelons. I probably planted too many. But then again, who can have too many watermelons:

row of watermelon plants

These are Moon & Stars Watermelons:

young moon and stars watermelon plants

And a row of Cantaloupes:

row of young cantaloupe plants

These are Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupes:

I also put a few peppers in the ground. Green peppers, and Pimientos. I think the chickens have killed all but one of them. Ugh:

young pepper plant

And the corn patch:

young corn plants

We planted Golden Bantam corn. I still plan on planting some pole green beans to climb up the corn stalks once they get a little more established:

young Golden Bantam corn plant

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the cucumbers in the front yard. These are Marketmore cucumbers:

Marketmore cucumber plant

Well, everything is looking way better than last year! Crossing my fingers 🙂

6 thoughts on “Garden Update: May 21”

  1. An idea to save your garden if you are not fencing, I am trying it this year for first time. I have read…in Backhome Woods magazine that if you (this sounds gross) sprinkle your kids hair after hair cuts or urine around your garden rabbits will stay away. LOL I have two little boys that are very willing to “pee” here or there for me. tee hee. I will let you know if it holds back the bunnies that are all over my yard.

  2. bad chickens!! ha ha. if i start to get frustrated with my animals i always remind myself, “he’s just dogging about”. in your case, “she’s just chickening”. WONDERFUL garden and what a great experiment to see what will work and not work. looks like you’re off to a great start. a lot of work, but great joy, i’m sure. if you organic garden, maybe post some tips on how you do it? (or maybe it’s there… i’m new to your site). happy gardening and God bless!


  3. Oh I’m so jealous! We aren’t really able to start ours yet because of the frost date but we do have onions in! Suggestion for your tomatoes- to get bigger and more juicy tomatoes sprinkle some Epsom salts around the base of each plant. I do this every year and they turn out wonderfully and we get huge tomatoes every single year!! Tomatoes thrive off the magnesium in the salts! And for the carrots to have longer better carrots, along each side of the rows a couple of inches away put a row of sand. Not sure why, but an old time farmer said to do this and we have every year and our carrots are so much better! I think it has something to do with water. Let me know your secret to cukes…we never have much luck with those! I’m so sorry you are having issues with your animals! I would be so livid! I get mad when bunnies attack my beans let alone the troubles you are having! I know I have a motion censored owl in my garden and that helps with the animals. Good luck!!!

  4. Your garden looks good but I can’t help but feel bad for you that your animals are destroying your food. I know your trying to have a more sustainable lifestyle, is there any plans in the future to fence off your planting area?

    Our first year here I put in a full garden, the corn came up so beautifully, it was so full and just about the time it was ready to be picked the squirrels climbed the stalks, peeled the husks back and had a feast, they didn’t even take the corn off the stalk, they just ate it and left the empty cobs still attatched. What the squirrels didn’t eat the deer and the rabbits did, the whole garden was practically a flop. I told my dh that the next year I was getting food out of that garden one way or another, when he asked me what I was thinking I said well it will either veggies or meat but I am going to get SOMETHING out of that garden, I was so mad at the time that I could have bit nails in two, now we an electric fence, sadly we are no where near ready to be power company free but at least dinner is safe, lol

    Whatever way you decide to go with your garden I hope your able to somehow keep the animals out so that you can harvest and preserve your bounty!!


  5. WOW!!! WOW WOW WOW!! I’m so excited for you! It is all coming along nicely! =) That is so frustrating about the chickens/dog!!! =(
    Guess what…mine still aren’t in the GROUND!!! Yep. So frustrating…so they are still really small and pewney. =( I’m thinking we are going to need even more dirt…after all the waiting to get the ground tilled, it is COMPLETELY full of rocks…I’ve spent way too much time trying to get them out and finally just spent money on dirt…doesn’t that kill you to spend money on *DIRT*! Yet, after me hauling and moving a full ton of dirt, I still need more…sigh.
    Atleast it comforts me to know that it is probably too wet and cold still…it was hailing pretty good yesterday, so that could have ruined a bunch.
    God has a plan…even for my little tomatoes! =)
    So excited for all the hard work you have done…it is all looking so spectacular! Can’t wait to see how it comes along in the next month!


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