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Some plants you just can’t find locally. There are so many edibles I want to have around our homestead… most of which I have come to discover no local nurseries carry. It seems my only option is ordering either via mail-order or online.

But how can I trust an online company to deliver quality products? How do I know if I’m working with a good business or not?

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Dave’s Garden- Garden Watchdog. Here you will find a list of reputable nurseries, and can look up any potential companies you are considering ordering from to see what other customers have said about them.

Don’t just place your order with anybody. After reading dozens of reviews, I’ve come to the realization that not all nurseries and plants are created equally. Some plants come with diseases. Some come months and months later, and some don’t come at all. So do your research!!

Anyone have a particular online or catalog nursery you have been very pleased ordering from? I’m new to this, so I don’t really have any recommendations at this point. I’d love to know who your go-to is!

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  1. We ordered from Baker Creek for the first time this year and were very pleased, both with the prompt service and with the high germination rate so far. We’ve had very bad experience with Heirloom Acres and will not order from their again. We’ve also had very good service from Bountiful Gardens.

  2. One source of heirloom seeds I don’t see mentioned is Pinetree Garden Seeds https://www.superseeds.com/. I love to read through their catalog and reference back to it all through the growing season. We’ve ordered items from them for the past several years and always been pleased. 🙂

  3. Hi Kendra ~ I’ve had very good luck with Heirloom Seeds and Baker Creek, as well as Stark Brothers for raspberries and blueberries. I have some apple and peach trees due to arrive on Tuesday from them. All of these companies are aces in my book.

  4. I am sold on Berlin Seeds- no GMO seeds and some organic available. They are an amish gardening and supply company in Ohio. They have no website that I know of – their phone number is 18774640892. I called and placed my order last sat. and received my order yesterday. Call and get a free catalog. Lots of info and advice just in that. A fun little pack of seeds for kids to start their own little 4 x8 plot. I thought looked like a lot of fun for my kids this year. Best wishes for a beautiful garden for you:)

  5. Spring Greetings from Colorado!
    We have been really happy with Territorial Seed Company.
    They have good descriptions, grams to seed break-down,
    hints for growning and other helpful planting, growing
    and harvesting information.
    They also have another smaller company that is strickly
    organic that we ordered from this year. It’s name escapes me right now! We are excited to give them a try!

    May the Lord bless you
    in you all your gardening endeavors!

  6. I order from Seed Savers International as well. If you are looking for trees, shrubs, etc. you might want to check and see if your county’s soil conservation office offers them. In MN I beleive every local office has them for sale. They have a decent variety for trees plus raspberry bushes, juneberry bushes, plum trees, etc.

  7. This is my first year ordering seeds online. I ordered from Baker Creek (www.rareseeds.com). I ordered online on a Monday and had my seeds (a large order) on the following Friday. They even sent a complementary pack of red romaine lettuce seeds. I’ve just planted a few so far (this week), so I don’t have any sprouts yet, but they have a good reputation so I’m expecting good results.

  8. Territorial Seed Company has lots of organic options and is fab! If you’re looking for a great company or to shop locally in Oregon this company is based out of Cottage Grove OR. We have been very happy with them for the past three years. They also hold local workshops about gardening for free and are overall very informative and helpful. Lastly, they have a good website http://www.territorialseed.com/

  9. You need to be careful ordering online because you could bring diseases to your area, especially with plants. Also, you should absolutely avoid the big box stores that bring plants from the south. Two years ago, late tomato blight came early to our area on plants from the south. Your best bet is to buy local from your local nurseries and you won’t be bringing in bugs and diseases from south. Some pests and diseased migrate south to north and you want to delay it’s arrival as long as possible.

    Happy gardening!

  10. i third http://www.rareseeds.com (Baker Creek). i also liked that they allow you to post reviews on the seeds so you can let others know how well they did. I also got a complimentary seed packet of a fancy carrot (i forget exact variety). They also have very good prices and a great selection. One pack of seeds were out of stock & they sent my refund, in cash, right with the order.
    Now I’ve heard wonderful things about the other companies everyone mentioned but price was a determining factor for us & selection to me Baker Creek had both. Good luck no matter who you choose 🙂

  11. We’ve had great luck with ordering from Johnny’s seed catalog. Haven’t had real good luck with some of the heirloom seeds we’ve ordered from some of those types of companies, unfortunately. Johnny’s, overall, has been the best with both customer service and quality.

  12. I am so going to bookmark that link! I had a bad experience a couple of years ago with a big name company that I thought would be very reputable. So, I’m cautious about ordering online now. But, I did place an order a few weeks ago from Renee’s Garden and Gardens Alive for seeds and were very happy with them. Both orders were at my house within a week and that was with regular shipping.

  13. My seed company of choice is by far Baker’s Creek. They are committed to preserve genetic diversity and offer only seeds that are free from GMOs. I have found so many unusual varieties from them that I love. Plus they have awesome customer service. I would love to visit their seed store in person. I keep telling my husband we need to take a vacation out to Missouri so I can visit LOL.

  14. I’ve ordered from Victory Seeds for 2 years, and have been extremely pleased with their seeds and impressed by their customer service. They state as their mission: “The primary reason for our existence as an organization is to help protect open-pollinated and heirloom seed varieties.” They also sell old-fashioned gum & candies, as well as composting redworms.

  15. I’ve gotten within-my-budget fruit trees from Costco. I have to do my research beforehand and know which varieties will actually work in my chilly climate, but still. $11 beats $44. 🙂

    Places I’ve ordered from and been happy with over the years are Baker Creek (their prices have gone up as they’ve grown bigger), Irish Eyes Garden City Seeds (good potatoes! short season seeds!), Nichols, Territorial, Heirloom Acres (but you have to order a good 2-3 weeks before you need anything, they ship s-l-o-w-l-y), Simmons Plant Farm (the asparagus and blackberries rock!), Seed Savers Exchange (for the price, meh, haven’t ordered from them again) and I ordered some from a new-to-me gal that a friend (who knows the proprietor) recommended – Remy at Sample Seeds.

    I have a seed problem. But at least of all the issues to have, collecting seeds isn’t one of the worst ones.

  16. I ordered all my seeds from Seed Savers International this year, because I really like their mission to save heirloom seeds. But I’ve heard really good things from some of my serious gardening friends about territorial seed company and baker creek seeds.
    I like this post Kendra, very true that it is hard or impossible in some places to find the plants you want for sale. It’s like that where I live too, so I’m glad you shared this link to see other people’s reviews of companies!

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