chicken lump (Medium)

We were outside feeding the chickens as usual when Jada noticed something strange about one of our hens. Her chest had lost it’s feathers, and there was a huge bulge protruding out. “That doesn’t look good” I said aloud. I wondered if the little hen had a tumor or something.

So, as I always do when I have a question, I went inside and Googled it. I found out that the chickens stomach, or “crop” is located right on her chest. That bulge was actually just her stomach full of food. Supposedly by morning it should be gone (as her food is digested). I called my Parents-in-law just to get their input on the lump as well. They told me the same thing.

Sure enough, the next morning it was gone. As for the missing feathers…who knows. Glad my chicken doesn’t have a tumor though! 🙂