What’s That Lump On My Chicken’s Chest? Does It Have A Tumor?

chicken lump

We were outside feeding the chickens as usual when Jada noticed something strange about one of our hens. Her chest had lost it’s feathers, and there was a huge bulge protruding out. “That doesn’t look good” I said aloud. I wondered if the little hen had a tumor or something.

So, as I always do when I have a question, I went inside and Googled it. I found out that the chickens stomach, or “crop” is located right on her chest. That bulge was actually just her stomach full of food. Supposedly by morning it should be gone (as her food is digested). I called my Parents-in-law just to get their input on the lump as well. They told me the same thing.

Sure enough, the next morning it was gone. As for the missing feathers…who knows. Glad my chicken doesn’t have a tumor though! 🙂

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  1. My Red has a huge softball size lump in the crop – she is loosing weight – today I gave her cranberries soaked in olive oil as she refused the bread and I massaged the area – it is hard as a rock! I pray the olive oil and apple cider vinegar in the water helps her this thing is huge!!!

  2. Oh wow! Thank you guys so much for sharing your issues with your girls (hens)! LOL We came home from vacation to find 2 of our hens in the tree behind the coop and with the “lump”. I, like you all, came in and “GOOGLED IT”!So I found this and it matched up with another sites information and I was thrilled to see that my chickens weren’t sick! Whew. I would however like to hear more about the olive oil in the coop. What were the methods you used? Just curious to know how it helped.

  3. I always keep olive oil in their coop so they doubt get a impact crop it days work wonders and fined their so mush more happy and it Sims to work for my 4hens their their my baby’s

  4. Thanks for the info! I have 6 chicks, and they all have this problem. The crop doesn’t feel hard, just really full. I have a feeling that it is partially to do with their breed though.. The feed store we got them from said they are bad layers but great for raising for meat because they eat a lot and grow fast.

  5. My chicken has a lump so large it is starting to make her run funny. Thanks for the info. I thought she had a tumor and was going to pay “Ask the Vet $30” ….thanks guys

  6. I showed my daughter, who is the chicken keeper at our place, and she had to run out at see if any of her chicks (which are currently enjoying their late lunch) looked like that! lol!

  7. I have a chicken that must have an impacted crop. She’s looked like the picture of your bird for a few weeks, now. Everyone keeps telling me that she’s fine, but I can’t help being concerned for her. What do you do about it??? Is she in pain? She’s one of our better layers…and is so sweet, to boot! I certainly don’t want to lose her!

    We’re new to this homesteading thing, but have jumped into the deep end, head first! A friend of mind just shared your site with me, and, let me just say, I love your site! Thanks for all the great info!

    • Dede-

      You sound like me, jumping right in and learning as you go 🙂 So, I haven’t had to deal with an impacted crop yet, but from what I’ve read an impacted crop will be hard when pressed between your fingers. If you suspect this is the problem, you can use an eye dropper to administer two eye droppers full of mineral oil (usually found in the health/beauty section of grocery store), or warm olive oil, down the chickens throat, and massage the hard lump with your fingers to help soften it up and help her pass it. Be careful not to get the liquid in the bird’s lungs, as it will slowly drown (you’ll have to look that one up for more info). Repeat again the next day if needed. If this doesn’t help, and the chicken seems distressed, you might want to see a vet. But do some more research first to make sure that it is in fact impacted. Hope that helps 🙂

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