So, How Far Apart to Plant Carrots?

carrot plants in raised bed

One of the single most important things you can do in your garden is to get the spacing right when you’re planting your fruits or vegetables. Proper spacing will help ensure that your plants grow big, fast and healthy, and also maximize returns. But, as you can imagine, every single plant has its own spacing … Read more

So, How Deep to Plant Carrots?

carrot plants in raised bed

One of the most engaging and fun parts of gardening is also one of the most potentially frustrating: learning all the various care factors for the different fruits, veggies and other plants you’re trying to grow. Plant species are all unique, and they need different amounts of food and water, different climate conditions, and a … Read more

So, How Much Water Do Carrots Need?

St. Valery carrots in raised bed

There’s a lot that has to go right in your garden for you to enjoy a bountiful harvest, whatever it is you’ve planted. You’ve got to prepare the soil correctly, amend it with the right nutrients, give plants support, drive out pests and a whole lot more. Of course, you’ve also got to give your … Read more

The Best Companion Plants for Carrots


Super high in vitamin A and various antioxidants, carrots are a great vegetable to have in abundance in your garden and fridge. Like other root vegetables or rhizomes, carrots utilize the underground space, giving your permaculture garden a 3 dimensional pattern that takes advantage of all the room available. But like any crop, carrots like … Read more