Brooder Temperature

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Once you’ve hatched your baby chicks, you’ll need to keep them in a brooder for 7 weeks, until they are mature enough to handle outside temps. A brooder is an area to keep them in, like a box, which is rigged with a heat lamp, bedding material, and food & water.

It is very important to keep the brooder at the correct temperature. As your chicks get older, you’ll need to decrease the heat. Here is a chart for your reference:

Brooder Temperature Chart

Age Chicks Ducks
1 day 90 F. 90 F.
1 week 85 F. 80 F.
2 weeks 80 F. 75 F.
3 weeks 75 F. 70 F.
4 weeks 70 F. 60F.
5 weeks 65 F. 50 F.
6 weeks 60 F. 40 F.
7 weeks 55 F. 40 F.

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