A Must Know Trick To Successfully Grinding Meat


Learning this trick literally saved me a ton of money this week.

I was all ready to bite the bullet and buy a new meat grinder. After a frustrating failed first attempt at grinding fresh venison, I was ready to toss my pasta maker/meat grinder to the curb. I was sure it was a piece of junk. The problem I was having was that instead of a nice grind, the meat was being turned into mush, and the grinder kept getting clogged with slimy silverskin.

I spent hours reading reviews on the best hand meat grinder models, finally narrowing it down to what looked like the best choice for what we could afford. I had it in my Amazon cart ready to buy. Still… I hesitated. $80 is a whole lot of money to plunk down all at once!


A Must Know Trick To Successfully Grinding Meat


Maybe there was still something better??

Thank goodness I did just a little bit more research before I clicked to buy. Because within the forums I was searching for advice, I found exactly what I needed to know.

The secret to grinding meat at home…

A Must Know Trick To Successfully Grinding Meat

Grind it half-frozen!

Hunters from all over the world were having a discussion about the best way to grind fresh meat, and they all agreed that partially freezing it (or partially thawing it if it’s already frozen) before grinding it makes the process so much easier.

So I tried grinding venison one more time.

And guess what. It worked!

My meat grinder did a PERFECT job grinding the partially thawed, cubed meat. No clogging. No mush. Just a beautiful grind.


A Must Know Trick To Successfully Grinding Meat

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to know the meat grinder I already have works perfectly well and that I don’t have to buy anything else to get the job done. (I also love this meat grinder because it’s multi-functional, acting as a pasta maker and mincer as well.) Eighty buckaroos SAVED!

Anyways, I thought this was a REALLY good tip to know for anyone interested in learning how to grind fresh meat at home. If you can, freeze it partially first. It makes a world of difference.

By the way, I’ve found that ground venison can be used in pretty much any of my favorite recipes that call for ground beef. We can’t even tell the difference!

Do you grind your own meat? What’s your favorite meat grinder?