Starting Seeds for My Snow Covered Garden

Feb 2014 driveway snow
As of yesterday, we are officially snowed in. This is almost half of our gravel driveway, which winds through the trees, over a creek, and up a steep hill on the other side- a little shy of a mile long. You can see from the tracks in the snow that the kids have designated this their sledding hill. I think it’s gorgeous. I love it when the trees wear their heavy coats of winter snow.

Feb 2014 Garden Snow
You can’t even see my raised beds in the garden today. But they’re there, with onions and garlic sleeping until Spring.

If you look behind the garden you can see that the bird netting which covered the chicken run finally collapsed under the weight of the snow. Although the run door was open, the chickens chose not to venture out into the winter wonderland. The warmth of their heat lamp was all too cozy. Though one funny hen did stick her head out of the coop door to peck at the snow in curiosity.

We’ve lost power off and on. For a while we were melting snow on the wood stove for water, because we weren’t sure how long we’d be without. To be honest, I was a little disappointed when it came back on. I do enjoy the silence of the home when the hum of electronic devices has died, and the only sound to be heard is the crackling of the fire and the chatter of excited children.

broccoli seedlings sprouting 2-2014
Although my garden is deep in slumber, signs of Spring are already appearing. My seedlings are just emerging, patiently growing under lights on my kitchen counters until their home is made ready outdoors.

So far I’ve planted broccoli (seen above), cabbage, red onions, yellow onions, bunching onions, celery, spinach, and radishes. Although radishes are typically direct sowed in the garden, I wanted to try starting them indoors this year to see how well they transplant. I have a new toy, the Soil Blocker, which is supposed to eliminate transplant shock (more on that in a review coming soon). We’ll see how the radishes do. Today I’ll be getting more seeds started. I have a lot of herbs to get going still.

I have a good feeling about this year’s garden. I think it’ll be our best yet.

For information on how to start plants from seed, check out: What You Need To Know Before You Start Your First Vegetable Garden.

Have you started seeds indoors yet? What do you have growing?

8 thoughts on “Starting Seeds for My Snow Covered Garden”

  1. I have equivalant to ten flats going under to shop lights in my bedroom! I buy seeds from swallotail seeds,baker creek,and southern exposure seed exchange….great companies most heirloom
    Its a lot of work alternating flats to make sure all seedlings get 12-16 hours of light a day 2-10″ from the actual bulbs But im growing rare varietys of flowers ,vgetables,herbs and medicinals,so much fun not having the same plants as everyone else!

  2. Here in Northern Canada my garden is sleeping under snow also – but my seed starts are doing well inside. This is my third year starting seeds indoors and I love it! My only problem is running out of room under the lights.

  3. Gosh, your pictures are so beautiful (coming from a Floridian)!! My sister recently moved to GA (also a lifelong Floridian) and she was super excited about all the snow you guys got. I’m a tad jealous!! 😀

    I have not started seeds yet and I’m hesitant to even try. I am HORRIBLE at growing veggies. We’ll see. Let us know how the Soil Blocker works!

  4. I am looking forward to hearing how the seed blocker works out for you. I will be picking through my seed packets this weekend, mapping out my garden plans for this year, and starting some seeds too. I am going to start seeds in a variety of methods, including reusing empty kcups filled with seed starting mix. Here’s to a great growing season!

  5. Here in North East Georgia we had the ice then the snow got about 4 to 5 inches stayed on the ground for two days more then enough for us.The chickens didn’t want to come out of the coop for two days, now we are going to have to add straw to the run a muddy pit. Is your snow still on the ground? Ellen from Georgia

  6. Your seedlings look like they are ready to take off! I can imagine how cozy your home must be with the tranquility of snow surrounding it.

    We are able to direct sow all year, so I put in some beans and peas this morning. Harvested lettuce for lunch and it was oh-so-tasty!

    Enjoy watching your garden grow!


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