17 Rare Rabbits Breeds You Should Know

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Nothing lasts forever. And some things can be brought back from the brink. When it comes to domestic animals, and that includes rabbits, for whatever reason, sometimes a breed is just rare. Maybe there were never that many bred to begin with, or sometimes a breed’s numbers dwindle until they’re facing extinction. But no matter … Read more

How to Tell the Age of a Wild Rabbit

wild rabbit

It’s a good idea to learn how to tell the age of wild rabbits, and here’s why… Knowing how old they are can inform whether or not you might need to intervene in case a litter of kittens has been abandoned, or how healthy and how fast your local rabbit population is growing. Plus, it’s … Read more

Male vs. Female Rabbits: 13 Key Differences

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Most animals, or at least most mammals, have significant physical differences between the sexes. It’s easy to spot the udder on a female cow, and the sexual organs on males. Most males are also significantly bigger and heavier than their female counterparts. Sometimes males have radically different colors, as is the case with many birds… … Read more

12 Rabbit Sounds and What They Mean

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If you’ve never been around rabbits, you probably think they’re totally silent. Whenever you see a rabbit it is just sitting there, trying to go unnoticed or else it is munching away on some tender grass or hay. But did you know that rabbits actually make a variety of different sounds, each with a different … Read more

Are Rabbits Actually Profitable To Raise?

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For homesteaders, livestock is usually an important part of their plan. For self-sufficiency purposes or for income purposes, conversations on the topic go on around the clock… Each species of livestock, from the mundane to the exotic, has its own advantages to offer owners and disadvantages that must be overcome. It has been said that … Read more

So, Are Rabbit Scratches Dangerous?

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Rabbit scratches can be a common issue for many people who own pet rabbits. Despite their adorable good looks and gentle demeanor, rabbits do have claws and can scratch with them. Some people have gone so far as to raise the alarm about specific risks to people who are scratched by rabbits. Sounds serious! Are … Read more

So, Can Rabbits Eat Eggplant?

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Many animals are kept for a food supply, to make money, or just because it is fun to have animals around. One of the most popular animals to keep fits that bill on all accounts is rabbits. They are cute animals and easy to keep as pets as they require little space. They will eat … Read more