Freezing Eggs

Have an overabundance of eggs? Did you know that you can freeze them? Just crack the eggs into ice cube trays and freeze! Once frozen you can transfer them to a plastic freezer bag.

You could also crack several into a plastic container, and freeze that way too. Just label how many eggs are inside for reference.

When you’re ready to use them, let them thaw in the fridge and use in your favorite recipe. They will stay good for at least 6 months.

11 thoughts on “Freezing Eggs”

  1. Great info Kendra!! I would just like to add that if you take farm fresh eggs, wash them and dip them in wax to coat shell they will last up to six months…

  2. Kendra, will a large egg fit in one of those little ice cube trays? It seem like the egg would be to lagre for the little cubes. But looks can be deceiving.

    Thanks, Barbara 🙂

  3. Hi there, I was just reading too that you can preserve eggs in a wooden box in dry bran or salt. (very old recipie that says they will keep as long as 1 year) You have to dry the bran out well in the oven first. Then you pack the eggs surrounded in bran or salt in the box. I would think that a food safe plastic bucket would work just as well as it can be sealed well.

  4. My mom said she’s been doing this for years! She mixes them as well.

    I was researching how to keep eggs for an extended period of time and there’s an article I found that compared a bunch of different ways.

    Short story – just refrigerating them alone lasted 7+ months! The runner up was liming them in a bucket. So now if the power goes out I can still have real eggs! (I LOVE EGGS!)

  5. Kendra, do you know if you have to break the yolk and mix? I have frozen eggs before but I always mixed the yolk and whites together. Didnt know if you HAD to.


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