our first egg

Our First Egg

We got our first egg! I was so excited. I went out to check on the chickens and give them some fresh water and food, and I noticed this one little egg just sitting by itself in the box inside the coop.

It’s a little thing, from one of our new Bantams. I hope they all start laying soon!

I did put milk crates in the coop for the chickens to lay in, though none have laid in one yet. I’m hoping these new laying boxes will inspire the others to lay! We’ll see. I just lined them with shredded paper, but I’d like to get some straw for them eventually.

We haven’t eaten the egg yet. It’s just chillin’ in the fridge. It’s so cool to me though, having a fresh egg from my own backyard chicken!

The first “fruits” from our livestock. We’re on our way…

5 thoughts on “Our First Egg”

  1. I’m Sure you have harvested many eggs by now, I recall growing up on farm myself there was this idea it would “encourage” the hens to lay egga by putting a “dummy” egg in the nest, I doubt if you can even find such an item today!! I’ve even known of people putting an old white “porcelin” door knob (bet you never heard of one) as a subistute for an egg. We have did both, but, have no idea if it “helped” or not. “Nough said Right!!! Your Friend, Ed

  2. I, too, remember our first egg. It is so exciting! And yes, if you do not wash the protective coating called the “bloom” off the shell, then it can keep indefinitely and doesn’t even need refrigerated.

  3. Congratulations! We keep our eggs for at least a month or more. I only boil the older ones cause they are easy to peel then.

  4. I have no idea if this is true, but when I told my grandpa that we eat farm eggs, he said that was good because they keep a long time. He told me that when he was in CC camp, they didn’t even refrigerate the eggs and they kept all year long! Keep in mind that the weather up here isn’t too terribly warm, w/the exception of 2-3 months, but I was wondering the same thing…let me know what you find out! Thanks!


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