New Bantam Chickens

bantam chickens

A few days ago my Father-in-law gave us 6 more chickens, these are Bantams. Actually, 3 of them are roosters, and 3 are hens. They are SO funny!! And boy are they loud! Those roosters crow all day long.

When we brought them home and put them in their new coops they were making all kinds of noise. Our other rooster (the white one we weren’t sure was a rooster or not) heard all of the crowing and decided that he would voice his own opinion. So, for the first time ever, he crowed! But it wasn’t a nice crisp “Cock-a-doodle-do”, no, it sounded more like a goose trying to sound like a rooster… like the silly horn on a child’s bicycle. When we heard him attempt his crow, my husband and I busted out laughing. It was the funniest thing!

The hens were laying before we got them, but we haven’t gotten any eggs yet. Probably because we haven’t built boxes for them to lay in yet. I talked to my homesteading friend Mrs. Hope yesterday, I was telling her about our new chickens. When I told her that we got three roosters and three hens, she said, “Oooh, you have too many roosters. You only need one rooster for every 10 hens.” She told me that if we keep one male and female in each cage, the rooster will wear the poor hen out, and she’ll be too aggravated to lay any eggs.

I’m glad she told me that! I can totally see what she’s talking about. So, I’m going to try to sell or trade two of the roosters. I was thinking about it, and I guess just because they were free doesn’t make them a good deal to me. They are actually costing us money in chicken feed, and not really doing us any good when we only need one.

Hope also added that they are probably crowing all day because there are so many roosters and they are trying to compete with one another. That makes sense! They actually woke up 2 yr. old Titus the second morning with all of their noise. It was 6am and I was sound asleep when I heard a little voice over the baby monitor say, “I hear chickens, Mommy! Mommy, I hear chickens. I hear Roosters!” Fun. I told hubby, “If he’s going to wake up at six o’clock every morning now we are totally getting rid of those roosters!”

I think he’ll get used to them though.

So, hopefully I’ll be able to find homes for the other two roosters. Then I’ll put all of the hens in with the one rooster in one cage.

My mother-in-law let me borrow a really good book on raising chickens called Chickens: Tending a Small-Scale Flock for Pleasure and Profit (Hobby Farms). It has everything you need to know about chickens! I’m going to be reading up on how to take care of all these guys we now have.

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  1. is the cadillac of poultry processing. we have not purchased anything from them, but if money were no object, we would! They have excellent demonstrational videos that were a great help to us. I grew up under the old “lop their heads off and let them flop all over the yard, getting blood on everything and bruising the meat. The method explained here is much less traumatic for everyone involved.

  2. Why don’t you butcher the roosters? It’s easy to do and you need only minimal supplies. You probably could could learn how by googling it, or maybe Miss Addy could help you?

  3. I agree about too many roos. You will also see a decrease in egg production with too many. I got hens once that were laying and it took them about 6 weeks to begin laying even with boxes. They are such funny creatures of habit that it takes them a while to acclimate to new places. I also love backyard chickens! Its a must for anyone with chickens.

  4. My friend just brought me 5 banty roosters she didn’t need. I gave three of them away to my pastor and am keeping the other two. I hope to be able to get them some hens sometime soon. I have 4 standard size roosters and they have worn my hens out. I have them separated so the hens can rest and hopefully get some of their feathers back. I hate to get rid of any of them, I love them too much and roos are so pretty!

  5. I recently ordered and read the Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens. You might want to check out that one too. I did some research before I bought it and it seems that’s the most recommended book out there regarding raising chickens. I’m about half way through and I love it. I also got the one on Rabbits (but that’ll be far in the future!).

    I’m still in the “research” phase (i.e. have started on the chicken coup but still haven’t gotten any yet; think I’ll start with 4 laying hens. We are on rental property so space and such is limited). Anyways, the BEST website I’ve come across for chickens is:

    Have a blessed day and keep sharing!!!

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