I forgot to tell you guys what happened to my plants after that hard frost the other day.

It was so sad.

Even though I covered them, 32 of my 38 tomatoes were killed by the unexpected cold streak. I don’t know what temperature it got down to that night, but after weeks of being almost 80*, that morning when I went outside the frost was so thick on the ground it looked like it had snowed.

When I went to uncover all of my plants, this is what I found. They were shriveled, and limp. And by the next day, almost all had turned brown and dried completely up.


I was SO looking forward to having enough tomatoes to can up spaghetti sauce, salsa, tomato juice, ketchup…

At least I left a couple of plants in the greenhouse. And I’m grateful that there are still a few remaining tomato plants alive in the garden. I’m not sure what happened, other than that maybe the containers I covered them with were touching the plants’ leaves. My mother-in-law always tells me that whatever you cover them with cannot touch them, or the plants will die.

*Sigh* Such is life. I had three tiny little Amish Paste tomato seeds left in my envelope, so I got them started in the greenhouse. I think I still have time to start a few plants over again.

I’m not going to pull the dead ones up yet. Yesterday, when I went out to mourn my tomatoes again, I was examining them up close and I noticed that a couple of the formerly largest of the plants had a tiny green sprig growing up from the stump that remained in the ground. Signs of life!! There may be hope yet for some of them! So, I’ll leave them where they are, and see what happens. Maybe I’ll get lucky after all.

Although a few other plants got some major frost damage to their leaves, I think they’ll be okay. My fig trees and grapevines look especially pitiful, but they’ll recover.

Man!! I’ll have to be more careful next year, and not fall for the rookie mistake of trusting unseasonably warm weather. Next year, I’ll keep my seedlings in the greenhouse longer.

I’m wondering, have you ever had frost damaged plants come back? Any advice for me for next time around?