5 Ways to Harvest Worm Castings the Easy-Peasy

worms in vermicompost soil

Worm castings, also known as vermicompost or worm manure, and sometimes erroneously called worm “casings”, are the organic waste produced by earthworms as they digest and break down organic matter. As worms consume their food in the form of decaying plant materials, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, they convert them into a nutrient-rich poop. This … Read more

So, Can You Compost Bread?

large compost pile just getting started

If you have a compost pile, you probably already know that it is a tricky process. Sure, you can add all of these organic materials from your kitchen and your yard, but not too much of one or the other or else the pile might fail! It’s definitely worth the effort, but it can be … Read more

Will My Compost Smell? How Bad Will it Be?

compost pile

Whatever kind of planting and gardening you’re doing around your home, one of the best resources in your arsenal is a large, properly maintained compost pile. Aside from reducing waste, composting allows you to supercharge your plants with tons of nutrition that they desperately need. Plenty of beginning gardeners want to start a compost pile … Read more

9 Easy Ways of Controlling Ants in Your Compost

ants on food scraps

Composting is something I adore. It’s a fantastic approach to decreasing and recycling your waste while also creating nutrient-dense soil for your garden at the same time. But, I’ll admit that when it came to allowing insects, worms, and other creatures into the compost, I had to tamp down my natural instincts to eliminate them. … Read more

How to Get Worms Out of Compost Easily

worms in vermicompost soil

If you’re like most gardeners, you probably compost your vegetable scraps and other organic matter to create nutrient-rich soil for your plants. But sometimes those scraps can attract unwanted guests – namely, worms! Other times, you might be composting specifically because you want the worms in there. Vermicomposting is an effective and eco-friendly way to … Read more

Manure Management 101

aged goat manure mixed with compost

There’s no getting around it – manure (yes, poop) is a necessary part of farming. Did you know that manure can actually be a valuable resource for farmers? Managing manure can be tricky, but if done correctly, it can result in some big benefits for your farm. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to … Read more

Worm Castings 101

worms in vermicompost soil

Composting with worms is one of the best ways to create your own fertile, nutritious soil – even if you don’t have a lot of room outdoors for a full-fledged compost bin. You can get rid of all kinds of garden waste as well as kitchen debris, like vegetable peelings. Plus, worm composting helps free … Read more

Easy Urban Composting – And It’s Free!

finished compost squeezed in hand

Composting is an essential component to permaculture and gardening. It is also essential in striving for that goal of sustainability. Rather than throwing away the trimmings from your kitchen vegetables or the leaves and grass clippings in your yard, let’s turn it into a rich nutrient filled soil. We call this compost. What a great … Read more

52 Things To Never Ever Compost

compost pile

As homesteaders, we’re always striving to reduce our carbon footprint and upcycle as much as possible. Nothing goes to waste. Whenever possible, we find ways to upcycle things and reuse them to the best of our advantage. This includes food waste and other organic materials in and around the homestead. By composting, we’re taking advantage … Read more

Composting The Easy Way!

man unloading compost from pick-up truck with shovel

When it came to achieving “the perfect nitrogen to carbon ratio”, I was totally lost. Did it have to be so complicated? Actually, it doesn’t! Here’s all you need to know to start making your own ‘black gold’ in no time!

15 Cheap DIY Compost Bins for Homesteaders

a 3-bin composter made of scrap wood and wire mesh on the winter homestead

If you’re a homesteader or aspire to be one, sooner or later you’re going to make a compost bin. Turning yard waste, kitchen scraps, and manure into rich fertile compost is just plain common sense, right? If you’ve always wanted to have a compost bin, but don’t know where to start, don’t worry; this article … Read more