Weeding Carrots

Somewhere in all of this greenery are my carrots. They are actually looking really good, and the carrot tops are growing nice and tall. The problem that I’m having though, is with the weeds.

I chose to fill my garden boxes with horse stable litter, ’cause it was free. Some of the manure was well rotted, some was a little more fresh. But horse manure is notorious for sprouting weeds when not fully composted… a fact I should have paid more attention to before using it. Now my carrots have been invaded with weeds, and I can’t pull them out.

carrot tops

See, the growing root of the carrot plant is very delicate. Any slight disruption to the plant could very easily uproot it. I’ve tried carefully pulling some of the weeds out, but inevitably some of the tender baby carrots came up as well.

So, these carrots are just gonna have to duke it out with the weeds. I really hope I am still able to harvest some nice sized carrots. Next time I plant carrots, I will definitely make sure to have a weed-free soil!

9 thoughts on “Weeding Carrots”

  1. One more thing I noticed is this year we used mushroom manure just because it was cheaper than sand and we don’t seem to have as much of a weed problem. In the past we have left the weeds go until the carrots were well rooted and decently sized but not big enough to pick yet, then we weeded. Worked well! Good luck!

  2. The trimming of weeds makes great sense and even though the roots will still be there, they will be less invasive to the carrots and the carrots will soon shade them out.

    As far as the soil being hard. I have heard that you should add sand to the spots where you’re going to plant carrots. I think if you add lots of organic matter…. not necessarily manure… more like grass clipping and leaves and dig them in deep this fall it will make a perfect soft bed for root veggies.

  3. I was going to suggest the same as Kim…just give ’em a nice little whack with the kitchen shears 🙂 Seems a tad tedious, but you’d have to be out there pulling anyway.

  4. the only time I tried to grow carrots, my ground was to hard and so they were shorter than they should have been, but mine didnt taste good. they werent sweet, they were kind of bitter or strong. I wonder if theres something I could have done to make them taste better?

  5. Last year I had the same problem. I used a pair of kitchen scissors and gave the weeds “trim” 🙂 Worked great actually. Cleaned my carrot patch right up and honestly lots of the weeks didn’t bounce back very well.


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