black mold on onion *Sorry for the fuzzy photo. My camera just wouldn’t focus!

A few weeks ago I decided to harvest all of my onions, as the tops were all dead, and I wanted to clean the garden bed out. I put them in a basket and sat them on a shelf in my kitchen.

Yesterday, I was making dinner and the recipe called for onions. Oh good, I’ve got some of those! I pulled them out and began peeling back their flaky outer layers. As I prepped them for the cutting board, I began to notice that every one of the onions I had peeled had this black stuff on it, underneath the skin. I figured it was just dirt, no big deal, so I washed it off and kept peeling more onions.

I was about to start chopping the onions up, when I started to wonder about those black spots. I wasn’t so sure it was just dirt. I mean, if it was dirt, why was it underneath the layers and not simply on the surface? I hopped on the internet and searched for black spots on onions. Sure enough, I quickly discovered what it really was: Aspergillus Black Mold.

Evidently, it’s a pretty common fungus among home grown onions in particular. It comes from the onions getting too hot or humid while being stored. Maybe I should have stored them in the fridge? I definitely should have allowed them to dry well before storing though.

It was really hard throwing away all of my onions. I was so tempted to just wash them off and use them! *Sigh* But of course, it wasn’t worth the risk of making my family sick. Oh well. At least the pig enjoyed them!