109 Names for Black Chickens

I don’t know about you, but I can honestly say that every single animal that I own has to have a name. It just seems right. This certainly counts for my chickens.

black australorp hen

Also, there’s a very practical purpose for it because it will make referring to your chickens in conversation or in documentation far more straightforward!

To help inspire you to give your black chickens suitably impressive, clever, moody, intimidating or mysterious names I’m bringing you a list of 109 great names for your chickens.

Rooster Names

Every chicken owner knows that that roosters can be a handful, and some of them can be downright terrorists.

There’s hardly anything more intimidating than a jet black rooster giving you the stare down from across the run.

Accordingly, I think it is only fitting that these dark and foreboding birds get equally dark and foreboding names.

1. Azrael

The angel of death. A suitable name for a bird that can kill anything smaller than it is.

2. Blackheart

A foreboding and ferocious name for a feisty rooster.

3. Coal

Black as night, black as coal. And it sounds just like “Cole,” so that’s nice.

4. Crow

A brisk, crisp name for a black rooster that looks very much like another ominous black bird.

5. Diablo

The devil! You know you’re dealing with a mean one here with a name like that.

6. Draven

A sinister named suitable for bad guys, and bad roosters.

7. Eclipse

The shadow falls everywhere when the moon eclipses the sun. A good name for a black rooster.

8. Ember

It conjures images of fires on the verge of going out. Ash, smoke, the works.

9. Goliath

For huge and ferocious roosters, except no substitutes. Watch out for shepherds with slings.

10. Gunsmoke

A cool cowboy name for an ash gray rooster.

11. Hades

The mythical Greek god of the dead, and a suitable one for a rooster that rules the coop.

12. Inkwell

For roosters that are blacker than black, you might say they look like a bottle of ink.

13. Jet

And ignioid gemstone, from whence we derive the term jet black.

14. Knight

Not all nights have shining armor. Some have armor that is a foreboding black.

15. Mace

A weapon wielded in antiquity, often made of blackened iron or steel.

16. Night Train

For bossy roosters that always get their way.

17. Nemesis

If you have a rooster that is always out to get you, this name is more than appropriate.

18. Nightshade

A beautiful, but sometimes deadly, family of plants. Poetic and highly evocative.

19. Noir

Mysterious, smoky, sexy, gritty. That’s noir.

20. Obsidian

Volcanic glass, ominous in appearance and capable of being sharpened to a razor’s edge.

21. Omen

I’ve got a bad feeling about this! Sometimes you know you’re always in for a bad time when you have to interact with a rooster like this.

22. Onyx

A silicate mineral and gemstone of remarkably lustrous black color, and a great name for a black rooster.

23. Panther

These big cats are usually jet black in color, and there’s something appropriate about naming a rooster after one.

24. Phantom

Is it a ghost? A spirit? Something else? No, it’s just a silhouette of your black rooster in the setting sun.

25. Raven

A great name that honors one of the largest and smartest corvids.

26. Rogue

Untamable, independent and unpredictable. Certainly a cool name for a rooster!

27. Sable

Black and lustrous, that’s what this name says about the rooster that carries it.

28. Shadow

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. An old classic, but a good one!

29. Sith

Embrace the dark side. Your rooster will be drunk with power if it gets a name like this.

30. Thunder

As foreboding and unstoppable as an approaching thunderstorm, that’s what this name says about a rooster.

31. Shade

This name does double duty, referring to an area occluded from light and also to sinister, transparent spirits.

32. Vader

The second Star Wars themed name and I’m not sorry about it. Only the most impressive and intimidating roosters rate it.

33. Voodoo

If you have a truly belligerent rooster, you might feel like you’re under the effects of a curse and that’s when this name is appropriate.

34. Zorro

Mysterious, dashing, deadly but ultimately benevolent.

Hen Names

Even though roosters might get most of the attention when it comes time to give your chickens a spiffy, clever name we should not forget about the hens.

Below you will find a selection of names that are picture-perfect for black hens…

35. Bella

A popular name for girls, and one that is also a little edgy, I think.

36. Blackberry

A cute, food themed name that is a perfect for a black hen.

37. Beatrice

A woman’s name that was popular a long time ago, now it is more commonly associated with witches in popular conception!

38. Cinderella

A darkly ironic name for a black chicken. Maybe she’ll turn into a beautiful peacock one day.

39. Crownette

A name that is suitable for royalty, and a good one for a regal, black chicken.

40. Darklana

Another mysterious and feminine name for one of your black hens.

41. Dusky

This name evokes the setting sun, and it’s a good one for any chicken with black plumage.

42. Ebony

A classically female name that evokes the polished, dark stone of the same name.

43. Gracie

Another traditional woman’s name and one that is entirely fitting for a somber appearance.

44. Hera

In Greek mythology the wife of Zeus. A lofty name for a chicken, but still an appropriate one.

45. Indigo

Indigo conjures up images of exotic, dark, purplish colors. It is also a pretty sporty name for a chicken.

46. Inky

Back to the well for this one. Hardly anything is darker than ink.

47. Janette

Sort of a riff on jet, but for hens. In any case, you can’t go wrong with the name like this.

48. Lady

Lady is somehow appropriate for a black hen. They might be as friendly as any other chicken, but they are somehow intimidating. You can approach one, but you better mind your manners.

49. Lily

A delicate, almost somber name. Lilies are commonly seen at funerals for a reason.

50. Luna

Luna, the moon. Symbolic of night and darkness, but still gentle and kind.

51. Midnight

It doesn’t get any darker than this. At the midnight hour it is as dark as it’s going to get.

52. Mystique

Whether it is referring to the air of mystery about a person or the sinister female antihero of comic book fame, this name works just as well.

53. Nightingale

This name speaks for itself, and although your chicken’s song is nowhere near as beautiful or powerful as the bird of the same name, it’s still a suitable name for them.

54. Nora

A name that evokes longing and sorrow. Since a black chicken looks like it is constantly dressed for a funeral I think it is appropriate.

55. Nova

The end of a star that has collapsed in on itself, leaving nothing behind except a black hole.

56. Nyx

Literally the Greek goddess and very personification of night as a concept. Save this one for a hen that is blacker than black!

57. Octavia

Another dignified and regal name, and one that has a pseudo-sinister sound to it.

58. Ophelia

A character from Shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet. She sang a mournful song before drowning in a river. Grim stuff, but a cool name.

59. Ravena

An alluring name that is a play on Raven. The appeal should be obvious for our purposes!

60. Roxy

A punk rock name for punk rock hens if there ever was one.

61. Salem

Witches and wickedness, that is what this name evokes. Perfect for a sinister, black hen.

62. Selene

A seductive and secretive name for black chickens.

63. Sootie

As black and ashen as the inside of a chimney.

64. Tara

Tara sounds a little like a feminine version of “tar”; a great name for a black hen.

65. Umbra

Meaning “shade” or “shadow”. A fine name for our chicken.

66-81. Food Names

Names of foods always furnish great names for pet and other animals. Including chickens. Here is a list of food names that would be great for any black chicken.

  • Biscuit
  • Blueberry
  • Brownie
  • Caramel
  • Licorice
  • Mochi
  • Noodle
  • Nutmeg
  • Oreo
  • Peanut
  • Pepper
  • Pickles
  • Popcorn
  • Pudding
  • S’mores
  • Sprinkles

82-93. Nature Names

There are plenty of names and concepts in nature that make great names for any chicken with black or mostly black feathers.

  • Blackbird
  • Bliss
  • Coyote
  • Dusk
  • Harmony
  • Haze
  • Panda
  • Stormy
  • Velvet
  • Willow
  • Zephyr

94-109. Funny Names

Just because you have a chicken that looks like it walked out someone’s nightmares doesn’t mean you cannot lighten up a bit!

Sometimes a funny, punny or silly name is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Chickadee
  • Chick Magnet
  • Cluck Norris
  • Chuckles
  • Clucky
  • Colonel Sanders
  • Coop Deville
  • Eggscavator
  • Fowl Play
  • Feather Locklear
  • Henneth Paltrow
  • Sir Clucks-a-Lot
  • The King
  • Ziggy
  • Zen
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