back to basics food strainerTonight I had a chance to test out my new Back To Basics Food Strainer and Sauce Maker. I’ll be canning some spaghetti sauce tomorrow, so I thought I’d get a head start on the process and get my tomatoes done tonight.

I’ve read good reviews about this product, so I expected a quick and easy job done.

Yeah. Right.

Let’s just say, I’m a little disappointed. If I had paid for the thing, I would have promptly requested a refund. I’m really surprised too! Everybody had tons of good stuff to say about this strainer. I’m hoping maybe it’s just not so good with tomatoes. I’ll hang onto it though, and try it out on a few other things.

back to basics food strainer

All went well for the first few minutes, the puree came out of the screen and the skins and seeds were discarded out another chute. But it wasn’t long before the screen became clogged with tomato skins. I had to take the entire contraption apart to clean it out. Actually, I had to take it apart several times as it continued getting clogged as I went. If I had peeled the skins off of the tomatoes before running them through the strainer, I really believe it would have been much better. But you are supposed to be able to leave the skins on, so that would kinda defeat the purpose, huh?!

It also began leaking from two different places where it was not supposed to leak. Watery black stuff was dripping from where the handle screwed in and splattering on the floor as I cranked. By the time I was all finished, my clothes, the floor, the walls, the counter top, and two bath towels were wet with tomato juice.

back to basics food strainer

In the end, it got the job done. But it was not quick, easy, tidy, nor convenient. I’m really hoping that it does a better job with other foods. Next time, I’m going to peel the tomatoes before processing them in this strainer.

I’m wondering if any of you have a Back To Basics Food Strainer, and what you think about it! Was this just user error?