How To Tell When Figs Are Ripe

August 26, 2013 Kendra 11

The figs are coming into season here, and we’ve been gorging ourselves on all the fresh figs we can eat. Here are a few tips for knowing when to harvest figs, and what I plan on doing with mine!

hardening off mustard plant

How To Grow Mustard For Seed

August 16, 2013 Kendra 31

I wanted to grow mustard so that I could harvest the seeds to make pickles and condiments with. Here’s what I did wrong, and what I learned I should have done instead!

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JarBOX Review & Giveaway!

August 15, 2013 Kendra 260

A new revolutionary product is hitting the shelves. JarBOX! Here’s what I think about them, and how you can win a set of your own! This Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Tricia (timesa…@gmail). A huge thanks to everyone who entered.


Exactly When to Harvest Tomatoes

August 1, 2013 Kendra 40

Fully vine-ripened tomatoes are no doubt delicious. But there are several good reasons why you might actually want to harvest your tomatoes before they reach the peak of ripeness.